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I have a macbook pro 2011 model that was purchased from my UC campus store a month ago. I've barley even used it, but recently the macbook has been having issues. The macbook only reports 3hours max of use on a full charge. Showed 10 to 11hours the first 2 weeks. The macbook's fan never came on before, now its on and stays on. I downloaded Istat and at idle the cpu is 77C and when using it on full power it reaches 100C or more when watching a movie ect..


I bought two macbooks at the same time. The other one still seems to report 6-7 hours battery life not the 10-11 reported once new. The other one also seems to be getting a little hotter than it should be. They both recently had a firmware update that apple downloaded and made appear on my screen saying to update. The issues on one macbook are pretty bad. The other seems like its heading the same direction. The wierd thing is the macbook pro that is doing ok was used alot more by my girlfriend and my macbook pro has been used less, yet has more issues.


Is this a firmware update issue or is this something I should worry about and take my computers into the macstore to be checked out?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Issue has been fixed. I was reading the forums and found a way to reset the SMC (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964) and I did this for both of my macbook pro's 13" I5 2011 models. Both a month old and the issues I were having sent away. Its very strange. The power being consumed before was 20 watts and now its only using 9 watts and the battery is reporting 10+ hours at times unlike before it never went over 3hours and it felt as if it was running at full power 24/7. The computer got hot fast and the fan was on consistently. Now the fan doesn't even come back on. I'm starting to think the update causes some kind of issue with the software and the power supply and resetting the SMC fixed the issue. So for anyone else with this issue, give this a try to save a trip to apple.