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OTBack Level 1 (0 points)

I'm just about to take delivery of new Samsung LED Smart TV.


I asked the guy at the store if the TV would be able to stream content (Music, photos etc) from my IMac.  He wasn't sure so I thought I'd ask here on the Forum. 


So, can anyone confirm either or?



  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)

    We'll probably need to know the exact model of TV you have before anyone can provide much information. Does the TV's manual say anything about being able to stream from a computer at all?



  • OTBack Level 1 (0 points)

    Dave, The model number is UE55D7000.  I don't actually have the TV as yet, it's coming on Monday 16th May but I do know that it can connect to a wireless network & allow .  I'm just trying to pre-empt any potential streaming problems.


    I had a similar issue streaming music/photos from the IMac to my PS3.  Resolved this by downloading Nullriver Medialink.


    I suppose I'll suck it & see on Monday once i've got it up & running.  I'll post back then.



  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)

    I can't find a manual on line so I can't be certain, but from descriptions on dealer sites it looks like that model supports DLNA streaming, not iTunes, so it doesn't look like it will work directly. You might be able run a third-party streaming server such as Squeezebox Server, but I don't know of any that stream photos. It might be more time/cost effective to get an Apple TV and connect that to your new Samsung.



  • OTBack Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, so I've got my new TV.  It's fantastic, the picture quality is awesome.


    However, my problem is that even tho I can see my Wireless Network , I cannot connect to it.  I've typed in the correct WPA/WPA2 password but no luck.


    Can someone suggest some things to try?





  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)

    If it's the Samsung that you're trying to connect to a WiFi network, that would be something to take up with Samsung, or in their customer forums if they provide any.


    If it's the iMac you are asking about, please post details about the system, including the exact model of iMac, the version of Mac OS X and what brand and model of WiFi router you have. Then perhaps someone can offer suggestions.



  • christian heretic Level 1 (10 points)


    Just wondering if you ever resolved your SmartTv connecting to your internet?

    I have the UE40D7000 and it is seeing the router in the house but not able to connect through it. I suspect that the problem is because it is an airport router?


  • OTBack Level 1 (0 points)

    No.  Unfortunately I haven't got any resolution to this problem.  I'm going to contact Samsung & see what they say.  I'll update if I have any success.

  • christian heretic Level 1 (10 points)


    I made a fuss with Samsung and they sent out one of their independent TV guys who went through the whole process today.

    We finally agreed that the issue lies with the TV firmware not being able to cope with Apple Airport express.

    (TV sees the router and connects to it but cannot go any further despite obtaining MAC address!// All other windows and mac computers in the house connect through without any problem!) To further underpin this we discovered that the firmware update issued on Sept 21st is not mac compatible.

    I am amazed that there are not more Mac/Airport users out there that are buying the samsung Smart tv not making a bigger fuss.

    Great TV just does not do what it is supposed to....


  • OTBack Level 1 (0 points)

    I gave Samsung a call too.  They've asked me to do 2 things before I get an engineer out (who'll probably come up with the same conclusion as yours did). 


    I've to switch my network to use WPA/PSK encryption.  It's currently WPA/WPA2 Personal.  Not sure if this will be possile as I'm not sure if the Time Capsule supports WPA/PSK. 


    The 2nd thing to try is to unsecure the network (!!!) and try again. 


    I'll update soon.

  • christian heretic Level 1 (10 points)

    OK, a final update.

    Samsung were totally brilliant with their follow up service. After their technician reported back to them they insisted that he return, take the TV away and leave behind a loan TV while they carried out some tests.

    Their technician updated the firmware and also changed a chip and had the TV back to me within 3 days.



    while he was in the house the technician relocated the TV up stairs to sit beside the airport express.



    So, Samsung Smart TV is seeing the airport express downstairs  and registering a strength of 2 bars but it seems that this is not a strong enough reception for the Tv to connect to the internet. (Despite it being strong enough for the various laptops in the house at that location!)


    I need to either update the airport express and get stronger reception downstairs or get a reception booster downstairs.


    Overall, I have to say that i have been very very impressed by Samsung's approach to this problem and take my hat off to them.


    Hope this helps

  • jess22osu Level 1 (0 points)

    I am following your discussions, and I can connect my Smart TV to the wireless internet, but every time I turn off the Smart TV, it asks me to reenter my network password to connect to the internet when I turn it back on.  Is this a firewall/security/encryption issue as well?

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    Christian -


    I just bought a Smart TV, have had exactly the same problems connecting to the net via my Apple Airport (router upstairs, 2 bars of strength, no luck connecting etc) and finally found some answers thorough your post, here. Thanks for sharing. It's infuriated me that I've experienced these problems with such a great router and that Samsung are only learning about this through customer complaints.


    Looks like I'll have to invest MORE money in a booster now.. ugh.

  • OTBack Level 1 (0 points)

    Haven't been back to update as no change here in Peebles, Scotland!  TV still can't access Internet via the wireless network on the Time Capsule. 


    Since I was last here, my Time Capsule gave up the ghost & died.  I've got a new one (on which I don't seem to be able to set up a guest network!).  Same issues though: no internet.  I've decided that it is the TV's lack of support for WPA2/Personal wireless encryption that is causing the problem.  The Samsung Tech I spoke to admitted that this is the case. 


    If you have an unsecured network then it connects fine! Obviously it's not recommended but there you go. 


    I have a pair of Devolo DLAN plugs that now let me access the internet on my TV.  Not ideal but provide a fast link but I still can't get my Music thru my TV from my IMac.  I'll keep working on that though but that's a separate issue!

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    I use the Airport extreme base station router and a Samsung UE46D7005 and I can only connect to the guest network for some reason, I haven´t solved the issue. Tried to remove all codes and everything but it still will not connect to the regular network. Would be very happy if someone has any idea on how to solv this.

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