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I've read a couple of suggestions here in the Pages section and am hoping someone can help me out further.


I am constantly creating pdf's in mac which are apparently too big to send in an email. I don't like the idea that they are big but it is a major problem if I can't get them out via email. I create these in Preview and in Pages (primarily I think).


1. Is there a way to downsize an existing pdf that is sitting on my desktop?


2. Is there a way to make sure or set a default in Pages or Preview so that I am not constantly creating docs that I can't send via email?


3. Am I correct in thinking that a 28 page document with images may be too big to send via email or what is the limitation that is happening here? I have access to an ftp upload site but I never recall having a problem sending large pdf's with lots of images in the way I am now. For instance, I have a four page contact sheet in pdf that I can't get out to a client....


Thanks for any help, leads etc.


- Jon

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    If you Export as PDF thru the Share menu, you have three levels of quality.

    Check if the lower one fit your needs.


    You may also create a ColorsSync filter using a low resolution.


    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) 12 mai 2011 16:50:15

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    How large are they in Mb?

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    Hi fruhulda,


    I have to close out my old threads because I have to register with a different user name. The "#" is wreaking havoc with the site.


    I think I am slowly putting this together. Apparently the deal is that I scanned four pages and printed to pdf. They ended up as 45 MB.


    I now Print to Preview which seems much smaller. Not sure if I should drop the dpi from 200 on the scan but things seem to be coming together on this.


    In short, thanks for your help.


    - Jon