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Using iMovie 11 (whatever), when I try to split a clip, positioning the playhead, the split occurs somewhere else...seems to be at a random location. Example; I have a voice over that needs 32 seconds of image display - currently I have a portrait of the speaker that I would like to show at the beginning and end of the audio, separated by a couple of other stills. When I try to split the existing clip (32 second portrait), the split point seems arbitrary, nowhere near the point where I put the playhead...???


Also, if I try to adjust the duration of a clip (again, still images), the length that gets put into the timeline sometimes varies from my target.?? I do realize that the transitions between clips will affect this, and have learned to adjust clips to accommodate the transition timing. My frustration is that sometimes when I wish to shorten a clip duration, iMovie will actually lengthen the clip...??


Any ideas, or suggestions where I can find answers is appreciated..




MP, MBP, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 23 Cinema Display (2)