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I have a newer (last winter) Mac Pro with the Apple RAID card.  I am using four SATA drives in a 0+1 array.


I have just been stuck in a reboot loop and had to disassemble my CD bay to get the drive open so I could insert my OS X install disc and try to recover.


During this reboot loop one of the keyboard options I tried was CMD-OPT-P-R.  Now that I have booted to the OS X install disc, OS X and the Disk Utility cannot see my hard disk or partition.  I am guessing this is due to the reset NVRAM.


Problem is, the RAID utility says I have no RAID card.  How do I proceed and avoid re-building the array from scratch?





New (Aug 2010) Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 8-core Xeon, 16G ECC RAM, 0+1 RAID