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How do you create folders on the iPad?

Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    What kind of folders? In email? For applications? Or do you mean a finder/explorer style hierarchy of file management?

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    Tap on an app icon until it begins to wiggle. Hold down on that icon and drag it on top of another icon and you will create a folder. You have to be running iOS 4.1 to create folders.


    Just curious but your profile shows OS X 10.3. Do you have an iPad? That system does not meet the minimum.

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    Many thanks!

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    Ok, iwas able to create folders and group like apps together. I could only do this I'd the apps were on the same screen. How do I move apps from one screen to another. For instance, all of the original apps that came on my device are located on one screen, the apps that I installed were on two other screens. I have been unsuccessful in attempting to move them from one screen to another.

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    When you move them hold them so that they overhang the side of the screen, and after a second or two the display should switch to the previous/next screen. You can also do it via the device's apps tab when connected to your computer's iTunes

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    Thank you so much, King Penguin.  Your answer was the perfect solution.  Thank you.