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I have a comcast.net mail account set up on my ipad2. While checking mail, I delete after reading. However if I quit the application and go back in, everything I just deleted shows back up as new messages. I have my advanced settings set to remove the messages from the server when removed from the inbox. What am I missing?

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    I have the same problem with my POP3 email. I have an Exchange account that works just fine, but the other POP3 email behaves as you describe. The only thing I can think of is that it may take a little time for the iPad to communicate with the POP3 email server to confirm deletion of the emails and we are quitting the email app before it can finish. Either way its quite annoying to have to delete the same emails multiple times, especially since on this account I get a lot of spam (and iPad doesn't do any spam filtering within mail.app).

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    The likely reason is because you have a Pop account.  See the differences below between Pop, IMAP and Exchange.....POP accounts typically do not synch between devices.......


    POP vs. IMAP vs. Exchange

    Ashok Aggarwal | Business,Microsoft,Technology,Web Technology | Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 | Popularity: 100%



    • Not made for keeping multiple computers/devices and web in sync
    • Generally, mail is downloaded from the server upon checking it (unless you use a tool like Outlook which has the ability to leave it on the server)
    • Even if you leave messages on the server, if you delete on remote device, it will not delete on the server (unless you have a client tool like Outlook which will give you some options)
    • If you send from remote device, it is not pushed to a sent items folders on the server
    • Only brings messages down in the Inbox (not sub-folders)
    • No good push capability for mobile devices (as of this writing)
    • POP is low cost
    • Most personal email accounts use POP (i.e. Gmail)


    • Keeps multiple computers/devices and web in sync
    • Mail is left on the server when checked
    • Inbox and sub-folders are brought down to client machine/device
    • Push mail available on mobile devices, but many complain of poor support
    • Newer than POP
    • Catching on among personal users who do not have Exchange


    • The most robust email platform
    • Mail is kept on the server
    • Allows calendar, tasks, notes, etc. in addition to email
    • Allows group collaboration of calendars, etc. when used in a group environment
    • Excellent about keeping everything (PCs/mobile devices/web) in sync
    • Push email for mobile devices (Blackberry and non-Blackberry with Exchange ActiveSync)
    • Pretty much the standard for medium size and enterprise email/collaboration
    • Expensive 
    • Gaining popularity among small businesses and personal users as it becomes more affordable
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    I understand the limitations of POP. In my case the iPad is the only device checking that account, so it's not a syncing issue. I have the iPad set to remove from server when it's deleted from the iPad, but as Mandeelou says, you delete the mail and then later the same message shows up again as new mail.

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    Where was the original POP account created? 

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    It is a POP mail acct, but I thought that's what the setting "Delete from server" function was for?  I did delete again last night and waited until this morning to open the email again on the iPad. Sure enough, everything I deleted last night came right back on this morning. So if it's a time issue like suggested, that's a pretty long lag time to clear off the POP acct server.

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    Dang, it's nice to know I'm not imagining things!


    So, how do we change from a POP setup in Verizon webmail to an IMAP?


    Breathlessly awaiting your reply!




    Don R.

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    I don't know about Verizon's mail, but I would just add the email account under an exchange option (you know, when you add a mail account you choose from multiple options).  See if it loads and operates that way.  If it doesn't, call Verizon directly and they should be able to direct you through setting it up......

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    Tried that, doesn't work. It won't connect to the server at all that way!

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    Then a call to Verizon would be the best next move.  I hope they can offer a solution.  I have to believe Verizon offers a more robust option for their mail that permits full synching from server to device.......

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    This is driving me nuts! Why does it do it on my iPad but not my iPhone?

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    So after all the messing around with my mail accounts yesterday I deleted my messages again last night and guess what? They're finally gone! Checked my mail this morning and only new ones came up. So weird..


    So maybe it is a timing thing with my mail server. @RohanDP, any luck for you if you delete and wait a while to go back in?


    @Srtviper, I agree! I've never had this issue on my iPhone.

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    I 'chatted' with Luis of Verizon yesterday. The bottom line is they do not support IMAP. They only have POP servers. When I told him the problem only existed on my iPad, he informed me Verizon does not support the iPad and to contact Apple Support.


    If anyone has solved this problem of mail messages refusing to remain deleted, please let us know the procedure.



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    My original thought was that the delay needed to be in closing/exiting the mail.app before it communicated with the server. I tend to go through, delete a bunch of junk mail, and then immediately pop over to something else.