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Chris Johnston Level 1 Level 1
Ever since upgrading to iTunes 6.0.1. I cannot watch movie trailers anymore. Is it to do with using OS X 10.2.8? Please help!

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
  • Tom Graves Level 7 Level 7
    Did you also upgrade Quicktime?
  • Chris Johnston Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Tom,

    Just upgraded to iTunes 6.0.2. and the same problem exists. Am currently using Quicktime 6.5.3. I see version 7 is required now - but this means upgrading to OS X 10.3.9. to run this...!

    So my next question is, how do I go about upgrading the OS X version - without loosing all my current files etc?

  • Tom Graves Level 7 Level 7
    What files are you worried about loosing? Upgrading the operating system will just replace operating system files and OS X bundled software such as Safari. Your document files would be untouched. Of course, it is always recommended to make a backup before doing an upgrade (actually it is recommended to make a backup on a regular basis).

    Let us know which files you are worried about and we can probably let you know what will or will not happen to them. I upgraded from 10.2.8 to 10.3.x and then to 10.4.x with no problems.
  • Chris Johnston Level 1 Level 1
    Ok Tom - sounds good! I was mostly worried about iTunes tracks and iPhoto pictures, but it sounds as if there will be no problem. What's the best way to back-up these files anyway? Never done this before so a little help would be appreciated!

    So the only way to watch iTune movie trailers is to update my OS X version - such is life! Thanks for the help so far.
  • Tom Graves Level 7 Level 7
    The easiest way to back up is to an external hard drive. They can be had for reasonable prices these days. That way, you could just drag, at a minimum, your User folder onto it and that would back up your Documents, Music, Pictures and settings.

    The next easy way is to burn the important files to CDs or DVDs, depending on what kind of burner you have. If you back up your music to CDs from iTunes, I would create data, not audio, disks.

    The importance of backing can be seen with each and every user who comes here and posts <for whatever reason> "I just lost all my purchased music, can I get it back?" The answer is no and that it was the user's responsibility to back up his or her files.