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I posted my problems about Apple Raid Card and Hard drives. Drives disappearing from the system and all that.


Everything started last friday when Raid Utility informed me that one of the 2Tb drives (lets call it 4(bay 4)) has disappeared from the system, and because of that, RaidSet 1 got degraded. First thing I did was that I ordered a new drive to replace the "broken" one. Yesterday the new drive arrived and I replaced it successfully to the system, and RaidSet 1 started to rebuild. Today, when I got to work, the working drive of the RaidSet 1 (lets call this one 3) had disappeared and the Raid Set 1 was totally broken.. Friday 13th eh.. It was working fine until around 12 am today.


Last backup I have is from last friday (thank god), but so much work has of course been done during the week. And I know the drive is not broken, neither of the 2 drives what have disappeared are broken, they just disappear and the Raid ejects them. Then I was on the phone with few consultants and I decided to head to my friends house and plug in the last working drive in his Mac Pro. The consultants told me that it should show the 2 volumes on that drive, and they were half right. One of the volumes appeared there, but it was only the volume with the user home folders. The 2nd volume where we have our work files, did not show. Whyyyyy!!?!?!? WHY GOD WHYYY!!??!!


Is there any trick I could try to get that one volume to show? As far as I can understand, mirrored drives should both have the 2 volumes, around 1tb each, because the drives are duplicates!? I started to think that maybe the drives are indeed totally from the depths of someones a-hole, and broken, but I cant believe it.


The whole Mac Pro is going to be sent to the company where we ordered it, I guess they will replace the Raid card. But I just would like to still try to secure the files myself.


Anyway. Happy friday the 13th.. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.


- V

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)