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I am the happy new owner of a 15 inch Macbook Pro with the HD display and 6750m graphics.  My one major issue at this point is the quality of the external display when plugged into my monitor.  The monitor is a HP w2207h and it is connected via HDMI.  The native resolution (1680x1050) is being used.


For some reason, the quality on my external monitor is very poor.  It initially displays as too large for the screen (overscan?) with marginal quality, and sliding the underscan control to size the display makes it much worse.  I've set the monitor to size itself and it seems to have no effect.  I've tried the terminal command to force font smoothing and that doesn't seem to help much either.  The remains poor regardless of whether I have display mirroring (my preference) on or not.


Interestingly, when I run Win 7 from Bootcamp with the same setup the text and images are very crisp, leading me to think that it's a video driver issue within OSX, but no newer updates seem to be available.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I plan to often run the machine at my desk connected to an external display so this is something of a showstopper for me and so far nothing seems to help.


Thanks in advance,


- Chris

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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Make sure that nothing is zoomed in. Also go to the Universal Access prefernces and make sure that the contrast is on normal

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