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I have unlocked it already, it pops up everytime I open an email, go to respond. Pops up in Safari, open an attachment in an email. Very annoying.  I am unfamiliar with MACs as I am a PC user up until 3 weeks ago. working on a MacBook Pro. Any assistance is appreciated. We use this on a network in our office.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    You are getting a pop-up asking what or with what message?

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    The first thing to try is "Keychain Access" menu > "Keychain First Aid".  That will offer to check your keychain for problems and possibly fix them.


    If that doesn't resolve it, and if you have not explicitly added secure notes, custom certificates, or are otherwise are not even sure what keychain does yet, then there may be an easy solution for you.  Just go to Keychain's "Preferences" dialog and click the "Reset Keychain" button.  If prompted, allow Keychain to synchronize with your login password.  Then, the next time your email application prompts you to enter a password do so and choose to allow Keychain to save it.  You may need to do this for both the sending and receiving servers.  That should solve the issue.  Note that this will move your old keychain aside and create a new "clean" one.


    Although that solution is rather generic for all Keychain issues, I have also experienced one specific reason that Keychain will frequently request a password.  This occurs if you have created or opened additional keychains other than the default "login" keychain.  If you have been playing with keychain and have created a second keychain or opened a keychain copied from another Mac, then try closing that keychain and see if the issue goes away.

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    The pop up that is showing up says System wants to use your keychain login and it asks for my password all the time (to enter a password).  I also get a pop up asking for the keychain to allow or deny access, but the one that is constantly popping up is the one asking to input my password. I comes up in email constantly.

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    I don't have the MAC with me today, so I will try it once I have it tomorrow and see if this solution works. Someone else suggested deleting the keychain. Thank you.

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    Ok, my boss had the above problem but now that I did a software update yesterday and had to change my login password for our network at work (does this every 3 months), I am now getting the annoying pop-up that I never had before. So is another new user that had never gotten this before.


    basically, we sign in to our computer, log-in to the network. Then when you open Outlook (2011), it asks at least twice "Outlook wants to use your "login" keychain, Please enter Keychain Password."


    Then you can cancel or continue. I hit cancel and then when it pops up again, cancel.


    Now when I open anything (safari, firefox, adobe with a download, the same window pops up). Very annoying.


    My boss gets it way more than I do, but still there has to be a way to fix this.


    I also get the deny/allow etc. message when trying to save a file to my computer or network.


    Any suggestions?

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    I cannot find the keychain access menu now that there isn't an active pop-up on my laptop but I would like to stop them from popping up. I didn't have this issue until about 4 weeks ago.

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    My computer says I don't have the folder ~/Library/Keychains/

    This is crazy frustrating! It has been happening since I received help from Apple one day a while ago.  I didn't have time to call back that day and it has been happening since! He told me to do something in Keychain and the problem has been occurring since!  I cannot repair.  Please help!!  The pop-ups are making me want to throw the computer out the window!