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this is my dad's account, i lost my ipod touch ( the one with the camera and facetime) today and i think someone stole it because i didnt take it out anytime during class but i dont have an email or anything set up and i have some personal item on there, how i can disable access to my ipod so no one can use it anymore? Do i need to call someone or is there a way to turn it off? please let me know ASAP because i am worried that the person that stole it will be able to accesss my dad's account and change stuff and i dont want that to happen... i just got my ipod for Christmas so i havent even had it fot 7 months...please help????

iPod touch
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    Sorry, but the ONLY way to do this would have been to have set up the feature before it was stolen or lost:


    1. setup a mobileme account (there are free ones, or the paid full feature ones)

    2. once setup, enabled the find-my-device feature under that account's settings.


    In the absence of having that enabled on the device, there is nothing you can do now. You should tell your dad and have him change his online account passwords immediately.