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Hi everyone. I've had my second generation iPod Touch for over 2 years now. I originally had it synced up with iTunes on a laptop running Windows Vista, and it worked perfectly. I then switched it to a new laptop, running Windows 7. That laptop let me transfer everything fine, and let me play, add and remove music and apps (in other words, it worked fine). Then, that laptop had some problems (the hard drive fried itself and I had to get it replaced.) When I got the laptop up and running again it was like it was a new laptop. I downloaded the latest version of iTunes (10.2.2 is what I have on here now) but the laptop is recognizing my iPod as a digital camera instead. To be clear, my iPod shows up in iTunes and I can play music, but it won't let me put the music from my iPod into My Library, and it won't let me add or remove songs. I've tried updating the drivers in my Device Manager but that seems to not work. I've also changed the Autoplay settings on my iPod, but that also didn't work. Please help! I'm getting to the point where I want to chuck my iPod out the window and just buy a new one!

iPod touch, Windows 7