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I am going to be traveling to Europe with my iPad and am concerned about the security of the data on the iPad, thinking in terms of "what ifs" like "What if it is stolen"...


I have an international data plan but in addition to accessing the data network, I'll use wifi.


I use 1Password to hold all our log ins, credit card info, drivers license and passport info, etc. It syncs to Dropbox. Am I running a risk of all this information being compromised by having the 1Password and Dropbox apps on the iPad? Should I remove one or both for the trip?


I thought I was being careful by using 1Password but maybe it's too much information in one place?


What precautions should I take re: the iPad in order to be able to enjoy and utilize it without feeling nervous and paranoid?


Any wisdom would be appreciated.

iPad, iOS 4.3.2