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Mac Defender or Mac Protector is not a virus, it is a trojan which operates by using scare tactics that will get users into giving their password to install it. It cannot install itself if you do not give it your administrator password. If Mac Defender or Mac Protector has already been installed, it will try to get you to purchase their fake anti-virus software. DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION.


TO REMOVE use the following steps which are very effective at removing this particular piece of malware:


1. Go to | Apple Menu | >> | System Preferences | >> | Accounts | >> | Login Items | (Located to the right of the account name)


2. From the Login Items list, click on Mac Defender or Mac Protector to select it (the item should now be highlighted)


3. Click on the Minus Symbol ( - ) which is located below that list (the item should dissapear from the list)


4. Restart your computer


5. Once logged in, on the top menu bar click on | Go | >> | Applications |


6. Inside the Applications folder look for Mac Defender or Mac Protector and drag the item to the Trash.


7. From the same Finder window, on the left column, click on the House icon which has the name of your account next to it. Then open the Downloads folder on the right.


8. Inside the Dowloads folder you might find macdefender.mpkg or macprotector.mpkg >> Move the items with such names to the trash.


9. Empty the Trash


10. As a preventive measure, open Safari and go to the top menu | Safari | >> | Preferences | >> | General | >> Uncheck the option "Open safe files after downloading" which is located at the bottom of the window.