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Hi All,


I was really disappointed with color saturation on MacBook Air 13" (2010) comparing to my 13" pro (especially red). I read a lot of reviews where it's being described as poor color gamut.


I googled a bit yesterday, and found that there are actually at least two different LCD panels used in MacBook Air 13". Apparently the other one to mine doesn't suffer color saturation problem.


Do you think would this be enough reason to send my laptop for replacement? I am not happy with the colors on Air, and I think it's not exactly fair that randomly someone could buy the same machine and get significantly better LCD panel as a matter of "luck".



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 2010, 13.3", 4 GB RAM, 256 SSD
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    If the machine was a) purchased directly from Apple (Apple Store or online Apple Store) and b) is less than 14 days old yes you can return it.



  • DanInDub Level 3 Level 3 (640 points)

    Unfortunately i was purchased back in November (from online Apple Store).


    I didn't know at the time there are multiple so dramatically different displays used in that model of a laptop.

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    Your only option is to open a case which would require you brining it into an Apple Store or AASP for service. If they determine there is something wrong then it will be addressed. If you purchased AppleCare (extends the warranty to 3 years and also includes 3 years of telephone service) you can also open a case. If you have not purchased AppleCare you still can anytime within the original 1 year warranty, let it go 366 days and you are out of luck. You can buy AppleCare directly from Apple or you can find it discounted from reputable resellers such as Amazon and LA Computer Company.

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    What I'm really trying to ask is - by any way would I be able to convince them that it's a fault?


    I remember I did that with Dell onces (I called and complaint that my screen is nowhere as good as same model laptop my friend has). I had toshiba panel, while he had much better AOI .


    I went jesterday to local Apple reseller/repair centre, and the macbook air they have on display is the same one as mine, so I don't really have a better one to show them the difference...

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    Hi Dan,


    Unfortunately no one here can adequately answer that question for you. Many of Apple's support cases are handled on a case-by-case basis. Thus they may offer you a solution that is specific to your case and thus you really need to pick up the phone and call them. Considering the machine was purchased in November, I highly doubt they'll replace the machine for you this far down the road. Your best bet would be to ask them about replacing the LCD panel.


    But again, call them up, explain the situation and see what they'll offer you.

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    I have exactly the same issue with my MBA 13".  I purchased it specifically for photo processing and have realised that its display properties are subpar.  It is poor compared to my wife's standard macbook and my ipad 1. Over-saturated displays are not necessarily useful for printing purposes however even with the printer profiles loaded I'm seeing a screen with washed out colors and contrast.   I will raise a ticket with apple support and find out if this fixes the issue.

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    Hi Rob,


    If you could kindly let us know how did you get on that would be brilliant. The problem I have is that there is no Apple stores in Ireland, and it's not easy to convince 3rd party Apple repair provider to replace your laptop because you don't like the colours...

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    "Unfortunately i was purchased back in November (from online Apple Store).  I didn't know at the time there are multiple so dramatically different displays used in that model of a laptop."


    Why would that matter?  If the color rendition was so poor in November, why didn't you report it then?  Using a computer for 7-8 months, and then deciding you don't like it is not Apple's fault.  If the display was good enough for you in November, 2010, it's good enough for you now.

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    Assuming you're stuck with it, you might try adjusting it yourself.

    If you go into System Preferences>Displays and select Color>Calibrate you can adjust some parameters. If you check the Expert Mode box you can find extra options

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    Well, it does matter. At the time of purchase, and for a quite a bit afterwards I had no comparrison. I took display for granted and as it was my only computer I got used to it.


    It wasn't until later while playing around with MacBook Air in the store I noticed that picture of flower I took some time earlier looks absolutely incredible, while on my own macbook is rather medioca, appears very flat and unexciting.


    If all macbooks had this "flaw", I could understand - maybe high resolution or extremaly thin display required some sacrifices. But I know there are macbook air of exactly same model, for the same money (frankly, cheaper models too...), both described by apple as georgous LED display, the only difference is, that, well, my one isn't..


    To sum up, I had similar case few years back with my Dell XPS M1210. About two years after getting it I saw another M1210 with significantly nicer screen. I called Dell, and after initial resistance, they agreed to replace my screen with brand new AOI instead of ok, but not that nice, Toshiba.

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    It's been over a month since your initial post, during those 5 weeks have you contacted Apple about this issue? Or we just posting about it in a user-to-user discussion forum? On May16th I recommended calling Apple, explaining the issue and seeing what they could offer you. Has that been done?

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    I don't understand where is this "anger" towards me coming from. Rob said he's going to contact Apple on the issue, all I asked is so he posted feedback he gets from them. I'm not drilling into the issue any more.


    I have contacted Apple, but was told I need to bring it in so that technician could have a look at it. As I explained, there are no Apple Stores in Ireland, so my only option is 3rd party authorized service which nearly certainly won't accept this as a fault.


    I asked for Rob to let me know how he gets on with Apple, as this will help my case should repair centre reject my request.

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    Anger? Who's angry? I was trying to figure out how the visit went with the authorized service provider. I figure after a month of mulling it over you made the trek.