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This IPad is becoming a real pain in the ***. It is not intuitive and there is enormous difficulty in finding out the simplest of solutions; such as the question asked above.


Apple is beginning to lose my allegiance, which has been very strong for many years.


Is Apple trying to create a closed, pay-for-every-thing network.

iPad 2
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    Files are stored with their applications. There is no universal file storage. Each app is "sandboxed" meaning it can only access it's own data. This results in an extremely stable OS with very little vulnerability to malware of any kind.


    You'll find this forum is a wealth of knowledge, with many people volunteering their time to answer questions. However, the more pleasntantly the question is phrased, the more incentive people have to answer.


    You may also want to check out the User's Manual. It's book marked for you in Safari on your iPad. Or, you can download it through iBooks.


    Best of luck.

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    Files are stored with the app with which they are created/saved - that way each app and its data/content are kept separate from other apps. There is no file structure such as you'd find on a computer.

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    Thanks to both for the re[plies and the time taken. I thought my question was pleasantly written and only minutely reflected my actual frustration.


    I too spend two or three hours each week answering questions and support in Joomla! forums so understand fully a sharp question can be borne from many hours and days of desperate struggle in self-discovery of the answers.


    If I caused offence, many apologies.


    I take it that when each App is clicked the files are displayed and update automatically, I see.


    Thanks again.


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    This was very helpful. Another question, if you save content from a Safari page, how do you access it?

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    What content are you saving ? Pictures will be stored in the Photos app in the Saved Photos/Camera Roll album, and you can save PDFs to the iBooks app. Otherwise you can copy text which you then need to paste somewhere (notes, emails, etc)

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    This was a question I was wondering too and feeling a bit daft for asking, thank you for the post and answers, really helpful