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When I watch a video on the iPad2 , using the ABC Player App, uTube app, TV.com app, Netflix  app or just using websites on sky fire, the video will start out crystal clear but will become so blurry that I can't continue to watch, it will occasionally become clear and then becomes blurry again.  The only time that video remained crystal clear was when I bought a TV show on iTunes.  I have updated to 4.3.3 , I have tried a reset by pushing the home button & the on/off buttons .  Has anyone else had this problem?  What can I do to fix this?  I love my new iPad2 and it has been great except for this.  I know that there is no flash, but I am using the apps and the video is still blurry, any help will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Michelle

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    All the situations I which you describe "blurry" video, the video is being streamed. When you were watching the purchased video, it was resident on your iPad. That would indicate that the problem is probably a slow internet connection. If the Internet connection isn't fast enough,mthe picture quality of the streamed video will degrade.

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    That will happen with a relatively slow Internet connection such as standard DSL (768K).  I have the high-rate DSL (2.8M) and I occasionally get the blurries (not often enough to be a problem).