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  • DBS95765 Level 1 Level 1

    HD movie downloaded fine yesterday with no issues.... now a standard definition movie from 1953 won't download in 4X the time ?..... nope don't think it's the Internet pipe - maybe someone's got a problem with their streaming servers at a certain data center ??

  • RDfromSF Level 1 Level 1

    Here is my take on this Apple TV slow movie download thing. If I purchase a movie even in HD and download to my iMac and then once fully downloaded I then go to my TV in next room and start Apple TV and stream the movie from My Computer on Apple TV the movie buffers fast enough every time seamlessly. Now on the other hand if I try to play the same exact movie that is Purchased and on my Apple TV but which is streamed from the Apple Store in SD Standard Definition it tends to have lag and snags depending on the time of day and worse on weekends when i am sure the Apple Store is overwhelmed with rentals/purchases then it is much worse. ie 2 hrs to download. It is even worse in HD. I have placed my laptop set up wireless next to Apple TV and completed a Speed Test and get 25-30 Mbps which is ample to download, even an HD movie, so when I put this all together it tells me that without a doubt that since Apple has been selling the new Apple TV for 1080p that they have sold so many of these little units that they didnt anticipate the high demand for apple content and they need to make a fix or I am going back to renting DVDs from my local store for 2.99 with 48 hour time limit.

  • wooley88 Level 1 Level 1

    Having same issue with 22MB Down connection and ethernet connection from my ATV into the router so something must be up with itunes throttling the download.  Apple hardware and software great!  Cloud infrastructure still needs a lot of work. 


    Frustrated customer!

  • Jeffrey Herzfeld Level 1 Level 1

    Yes.  2 plus hours to download a rental on Apple TV.  Then when it says it's read to watch. It pauses about every 20 minutes to buffer and catch up. This is the worst service.  How do I get my $4.99 refunded. Next time I'll rent a DVD from RedBox.

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