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Cornelia Shields Level 2 (235 points)

Hey, I just joined this library audiobook service. en/Help-QuickStartGuide.htm  The books come in various formats including MP3, trouble is it seems every one in which I might be interested is marked "OverDrive WMA Audiobook."  It says they play on iPod but I don't see how, since I know regular WMA format is completely incompatible with iTunes, and if I can't get material into iTunes I don't see how to get it onto my iPod.  I joined NetLibrary through my local library and more than half the titles were completely useless being in WMA, including most of those I most wanted.  Someone here gave me the name of some program which converts WMA to MP3 but I haven't had time to mess with it yet.  Thing is, NetLibrary is free through my local library, so I can mess with those books anytime, but if Washington Library Anytime has something NetLibrary doesn't, is it worth my time trying to download titles in OverDrive WMA Audiobook?  Because I had to pay to join this other library and the card expires at a certain time.  If it's going to expend gallons of blood, sweat, toil, and tears to get the books to play, I'll have to give them the go-by, but if it's not too much of a struggle I wouldn't want to miss titles I could have otherwise obtained if I knew what was involved.  Is this some kind of special WMA or are they just misinformed or lying?  Is there something special I should do to make it work, or should I just give those books up as a bad job and concentrate on what I can actually make work?  Thanks.

  • cyberbiker Level 1 (75 points)

    Just open the Overdrive Help tab and search on "transfer" or "iTunes".  Among other things it will tell you:

    You'll get selections that explain the WMA files work fine and will walk you through it.


    "If you plan to transfer OverDrive WMA Audiobooks, OverDrive WMA Music, and/or OverDrive WMV Video to a portable device, you may want to verify that the portable device supports content delivered in the DRM-protected Windows Media format... many OverDrive WMA Audiobooks and OverDrive WMA Music titles can be transferred to Apple devices (where permitted by publisher)."


    Plug your iPod or mobile device into the USB port and open iTunes and Overdrive. Note that you must click the Manually manage music box in the mobile device summary window of iTunes. Then click the book, music or video in the Overdrive list and click the Transfer button. Select some or all the chapters you want to transfer.. It will find the mobile device and begin.

  • cyberbiker Level 1 (75 points)

    Some find the mobile device transfer confusing.  To load or delete a WMA or MP3 book onto an Apple mobile device do the following.


    1. For Windows versions, you must first do a security update of Windows Media Player (even though you won't be using it) using Internet Explorer at .


    2.  Open iTunes, plug the mobile device into the computer USB port and open the Overdrive Media Console.


    3. Highlight the mobile device in the left hand menu of iTunes and insure the "Manually manage music and videos" box is checked in the Summary Tab.


    4. Highlight the book you want to transfer in the Overdrive Media Console and click the Transfer Button.   A window opens permitting you to click the boxes for parts of the book you wish to transfer.


    5. After the book has been transfered, when you click the disclosure triangle (arrow) to the left of the iPod, iPhone, or iPad in the Device section of the left hand menu of iTunes, MP3 books will show up under the Music subsection and WMA books will show up in the Books subsection.  Once the mobile device is disconnected from iTunes, MP3 books will show up in the Songs list and WMA books will show up in the Books list.


    6. To remove a book from a mobile device plug the device into the USB port and open iTunes. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of your iPod, iPhone, or iPad in the Device section of the left hand menu of iTunes so that you can see the device’s subcontents. For an MP3 book select the Music subsection, right click on the book and choose Delete.  For a WMA book, select the Book subsection, right click on the book and choose Delete.

  • Cornelia Shields Level 2 (235 points)

    Does OverDrive come with iTunes or other Mac software, or do I have to download it?  If so, from where?


    I take it this works only with OverDrive WMA but not to convert regular WMA files which requires a different process.



  • cyberbiker Level 1 (75 points)

    Many libraries worldwide now use Overdrive Media Console. Here is where you can see if your local library does.


    As noted in paragraph 5, above, it works with both MP3 and WMA files.  Overdrive converts WMA files as it transfers them to Apple mobile devices.


    You can download the software, search for books and see tutorials, etc., without an account at the website of any library that uses Overdrive, however, you need a library card to download books.  Below is my local library site. Note the software and guided tour are at the bottom of the left hand menu. 9/en/default.htm

  • cyberbiker Level 1 (75 points)

    Cornelia, as you have noted by now, Macs can only download MP3 audiobooks; not WMA. Bummer.

  • Cornelia Shields Level 2 (235 points)

    Yeah, somebody told me about a program to convert WMA to MP3 but I haven't tried it.  This sounds like a different one where if you have Overdrive it can be made intelligible to the Mac or at least your iPod.

  • cyberbiker Level 1 (75 points)

    The Windows version of Overdrive does convert WMA to MP3 format in order to move ebooks to Apple mobile devices.  Unfortunately, the Mac version just won't deal with WMA.  Though there are lots of audio conversion programs out there for WMA<>MP3 conversion, the security stuff on audiobooks prevents them from working.

  • BrendaOR Level 1 (0 points)

    One thing I need help with is that after I get the WMA onto my ipod, I can't get it over to itunes.  This means I need to keep the manual sync turned on.  Anything I download to itunes won't go over to the ipod and vice versa.  Once I turn manual sync off, my book disappears off the ipod.


    Is there any way to get the book to itunes? 

  • Cornelia Shields Level 2 (235 points)

    See, I don't get ANY of this.  How can you put anything onto an iPod without first going through iTunes?  How can you put it into iTunes if it's in a format iTunes doesn't recognize?  Is there ANY way to deal with this?  Thanks.

  • cyberbiker Level 1 (75 points)

    Brenda, you and Cornelia seem to be fighting city hall.  There is no way to put converted WMA audiobooks on iTunes.  ITunes is only the highway by which you move them from Overdrive to portable devices. That is done by an internal Overdirve conversion from WMA to mp3 provided the audiobook is authorized to be used on Apple portable devices.


    Once you set the portable device to Manual Sync in iTunes, leave it on Manual sync.  Everything will sink (podcasts, photos, etc.) except music.  After using the Syncronize button in the iTunes portable device Summary tab, manually sync music by going to the Music tab and clicking its Sync button.  If the book is too large for the portable device storage, the amount of music will be reduced so there is room for the audiobok on the device.


    In other words you need to Sync twice:  once with the Summary tab Sync button and once with the Music tab Sync button.

  • Cornelia Shields Level 2 (235 points)

    Thanks for clarifying that.  The library service supplying these audiobooks shows compatible formats, and clearly states they will play on an iPod.  I had no idea how to get them there save through iTunes.  There is still a bit of a problem, in that I am subscribed to this library only till January.  So I have to put all the books I want and can't get anywhere else onto my iPod before then, hope they all fit, and hope nothing happens to the iPod settings or contents as if it does I will have no way to replace the books through iTunes.  Will putting these books on manually mess up what's already on my iPod?

  • cyberbiker Level 1 (75 points)

    Cornelia, when you check out an ebook, you choose whether it expires in 7, 14 or 21 days. After that it won't open on Overdrive or a portable device.  The security features also lock it if transferred manually.


    If you would take a few minutes and watch the 2-3 minute video tutorials in the Overdrive Media Console Guided Tour (videos) at it would answer all these issues.

  • Cornelia Shields Level 2 (235 points)

    Oh, thanks, but I guess in that case the service does me no good, as I don't always know when I will want to or be able to listen to an audiobook.

  • BrendaOR Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the clarification that I can't put these WMA books into itunes.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.


    So to summarize, when I hit "transfer" in OverDrive, it makes me have my ipod connected and downloads directly to the ipod.  It skips itunes, which is why it requires manual sync.  Now that I know how to sync my music while in manual sync, I'm happy.


    As far as the expiring of the books, when I download them from my county library site (LibraryToGo), it asks me to pick a checkout duration. I then download it OverDrive.  From there I only have the checkout duration time to download to my ipod.  HOWEVER, once I get it to my ipod, it doesn't expire.  It only expires in OverDrive.


    I don't know if it works like this with every service, but I would expect it to.  Please try it with your service and see if it expires on the ipod.

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