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Hey guys,


I've been reading all day and hoping I could make this happen but I'm losing hope.


I have an Pro Tools HD 2 system with 8.1.1 and Logic Pro 9.1.3 installed on my computer.


I currently have Logic slaved to pro tools but I can only get sound to come out of the built in output of the speakers which I then record it to pro tools on seperate passes. I'm trying to get my logic instruments to go out seperate audio channels and into seperate audio tracks on Pro Tools.

For example, I want a sound from my exs sampler to be monitored through my pro tools channel 1-2 and a sound from ES1 or some synth to be monitored through channels 3-4.


It would just make things sooooo much easier if this could happen! I also have reason 5 rewired to logic which I wanted to go through logic into pro tools on seperate channels as well.


As of now, I'm using all 3 programs but I have to use just one stereo channel in pro tools to monitor both logic and reason!


Is it possible to assign logic to go out different output channels into different pro tools tracks??????


Thanks much - Oh yeah I'm also on Snow Leopard if that matters.