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H all just bought 2. G5 desktops late 2005 one dual 2.0ghz and the other 2.3ghz dual core,

no hard drives or install discs.

what do I need to do to get both up and running I have 2. 1tb sata drives 7200rpm Seagate.

But no install discs what is the best or highest os I can use,

Also how do I format these new drives!

As a newbie to macs I take it drive formatting for the mac G5 is diffrent to fat32 or ntfs formatting.

Bought these from a medical research company that had to remove the hard drives for security reasons, Hence no drives however the guy did let me see them running he said both had tiger on them, just wondered if I can go higher than tiger also it looks like I will need a full install disc  nad key any Ideas?   Thanks Ray

Ps reformatted plenty of pcs these are my first Mac's although I do have an Ipad2 and Iphone so i am a little apple-ish....

Re Ray:)