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Is there a solution to the fact that my HP 8500 "all in one" printer won't scan from the machine itself - like by hitting a button? And instead I have to hump my weary backside over to my computer to do this through Preview? I mean, I'm not looking for voice control here.


The last time I tried to solve this issue the guy from HP actually patched me in to a conference call with Mac Technical Support, when I wouldn't let him just say "this is how you have to do it" and try and get me off the phone.


Apparently there is some deal where the driver for the printer/faxes if sent out by Apple and this is supposedly a "known issue"? I mean - I and the guy from Mac were practically laughing at the HP tech but is there a solution for this yet?


HP has been in the printer business since Newt Gingrich was last in government - you think they'd have it straight by now. I just spend $85 to get the printer heads aligned on a 1 1/2 year old machine and only have dropped like 3 grand on ink cartridges since I bought the machine...