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I have a four page pdf scan of some images that I prepared which is 53 MB and I have not been able to email this document.


This originally was a four page contact sheet prepared with Aperture or Adobe Elements, I then printed to pdf with Preview and printed - I then marked up and scanned this mark up at 200 dpi so I could distribute it.


I realize I can change the dpi of the original scans (there were four of these) but what is the best way to reduce the image size of this document now that it it in pdf or just before printing to pdf.


I took a look at it in Preview this morning and I don't get the Tools > Adjust Size apparently when dealing with pdf in Preview.


I've posted on this once before, but there is a bug that is preventing me from being able to see all my posts at the moment and I'm trying to gather up everything in one place on this issue.


Thanks for any help (or any more help),