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Not that it was ever very effective. But, better than nothing.


I'm beginning to see a number of posts with questions and responses that don't belong here, but in the appropriate forum (to which they haven't yet been moved.) I would like to see this forum still reserved for discussions or doesn't-fit-elsewhere feedback only.


I'm seeing one post with replies, which is almost a day old; it hasn't been moved.


I can understand wanting to help someone and not let their question langish, but I wouldn't want to see this become too common.

  • Colin Robinson Level 6 Level 6

    There is an option in 'Report abuse' to alert the Hosts about posts that need relocating:

    Screen Shot 2011-05-15 at 17.38.54.png

  • John Maisey Level 5 Level 5

    I'll second the 'Relocate Post' option. The moderators seem pretty quick to move things in their work hours. In one case I reported a post and by the time I'd written a two line response it had been moved.


    Best wishes

    John M

  • Peggy Level 8 Level 8

    I seem to spend most of my time on ASC reporting post to be "relocated," especially in the iWork for iPad "community." Less so in the Mac iWork forums, but still too much. I don't normally report those in this forum because I know the hosts read more of the posts here. I thought one of the "benefits" of the new software was to "guide" posters to post in the correct forums but it's not happening!


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    Not to be a grumpy old man, but I was subtly -- maybe too subtly -- suggesting we don't reply to these posters here. That only encourages others who may see these questions being replied to, to do the same. I know about Report this post (now inappropriately titled Report abuse; this is not exactly an "abuse"), and I think all those I've seen replying must, as well.


    We could also suggest the correct forum for these people to post in.


    I was surprised that even on a weekend, the mods weren't getting these moved out of here. I guess they must be swamped with other things or all out barbecuing*.)



    *or wish they were.

  • Tuttle Level 7 Level 7

    I was ... suggesting we don't reply to these posters here


    I think that you are within your rights if, as a form of protest, you choose not to reply to people who mistakenly post technical questions in this forum; I also think that encouraging others not to respond to people who mistakenly post here is a bit over the top.


    IMO, it's best to answer questions when and where you can and to leave the rest to the Hosts.

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    If they don't agree, they (you) can choose to do what they want. I'm not suggesting any limits on what people can say here; that's their right completely. But, some may, perhaps, see the correctness -- or not -- in the suggestion (not demand) I made, which, if it wasn't made, they might not even begin to consider.


    My remarks were not intended to inhibit people from making any response to someone who mistakenly posts here. I believe I suggested they could refer the poster to the appropriate forum. Again, how or in what fashion, someone chooses to respond is entirely up to them.


    It would have been over the top if I had been in any way scolding, but my remarks and tone were far from that.


    If this forum bears any semblance to the euphemistically named "community," these kinds of disagreements are inherent in the very nature of any community and I'm ready to live with that.


    If someone mistakenly posts a technical question in the wrong technical forum, I usually answer their question, anyway, if possible -- I'm not a sticker, or hardass, as some may be, when that occurs. But, I think the nature of this particular forum suggests a different approach.


    Of course, the ultimate decision rests with the hosts.

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    I'm not a sticker

    Typo: stickler.