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At my place of work we have two networks. One locked network that is monitored (so that you can only use their computers for "work") and one wireless network available for customers to use - a bit like a hotel for example.

When a customer wishes to use the wireless network they ask for access. This is allocated as 30 minutes, 2 hours or 24 hours as a username and password. Normal practise is then to open a web window it will prompt for the username and password and you are off and running.

Except on my Macbook. To no avail can I get to a login screen.

Airport switched on, it locates the Customer Internet wireless and this can be ticked by then using the airport drop down and clicking onto the Customer Internet and the signal strength is shown as good.

When Safari is launched it sits with the wheel turning, and then concludes that there is no internet connection.

I have reset Safari, re-booted the Macbook. Nothing. Airport still showing connected, but cannot get Safari or Firefox (as a double check) to connect, so nowhere to enter the login and password.

Using AirRadar I can see the network, strength, noise etc. This shows the Customer Internet as security "None", which I can replicate by asking Airport advanced settings to search for networks.

Can anyone assist me? Surely this network cannot only work with Windows/Internet Explorer?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Airport
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    This might be a proxy server issue.


    You're probably using the default "Automatic" proxy setting.


    In System Preferences > Network, go to the Location combo box and add a new location (called "Work" say).


    Now go to Advanced settings, Proxy tab, and check that Auto Proxy Discovery is checked.


    If all works, then brilliant!  If not, you'll need to speak to your IT department for help in getting the right settings.


    FWIW, I've got four separate locations set up for the various places I take my laptop, AND some of them have got different settings depending upon whether I access the network using a cable or airport.