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Hello. I've just started to refine my Master's thesis and some of the topics moved up and down as I edited their contents. The problem is that in some cases the topic breaks right after the title, and the rest of the contents just move away to another page. Is there any way to avoid starting a page with line breaks or broken topics?



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    Joe, select Show invisibles in the View menu. This will let you see the invisible characters like space, paragraph breaks, pages breaks etc..

    You can add different kinds of breaks. To start a new page I use Page break from the insert menu.

    If you find that the text moves over to a new page it is due to you have to much on the first page and it will spill over to the next.


    Read more about inserting break in the Pages User Guide, downloadable from the help menu in Your Pages app.

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    At the end of your title, you didn't inserted a line break but a paragraph break (carriage return).

    Acivate the mode "Show hidden characters"

    Select the carriage return (paragraph break)

    Delete it

    Press Shift + return to insert a true line break.

    It may be useful to apply that several times if you inserted several carriage returns between the title and the first filled line.


    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) 15 mai 2011 19:40:14

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    Thanks once again, Yvan. Your answer is the correct one, though this forum doesn't seem to allow me to undo the "Helpful Answer" and set your reply as "Correct Answer". Ah, bad usability!

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    Don't worry


    What's important is that the problem is solved.

    I'm not here hunting points.


    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) 16 mai 2011 09:30:21