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This all started back about a month ago, my iPhone 4 ended up having No Service. I was connected to a WIFI connection at the time so I checked on the Internet on the phone to see if there was any method to resolving the No Service issue, people said to use the Airplane Mode, did that didn't work. Then I tried turning it off and turning it back on. Didn't work there was 3G for like 10 seconds then it went to two bars than it went to one bar than No Service again. I turned it off again and turned it back on, this time it sent me to an Emergency Call screen which it then said No Service and slide to Emergency Call. I clicked on the little I in the corner and it said UNKNOWN and UNKNOWN under IMEI. So I turned the phone off then tried a different area, finally it sent me back to the Home screen and I was able to received 3G service for a while until like an hour later than my phone was sitting on my desk out of no where my iPhone pops up and says "You have No Service Please restore from iTunes" or something between those words.


So I hooked it up to my computer and restored my phone from a previous backup, it semed to work perfectly fine but that was just the beginning of my problems. Around recently about Friday the 13th, I got the No Service issue again, I did the turning the phone off and turned it back on. This really annoyed me since I was beginning to get very upset that this No Service issue was happening to me, I was near someone who had an iPhone 4 as well I asked them if they were having issues they said they weren't. I'm using AT&T BTW, so I did the turning on and off again. I ended up getting the Emergency Call screen again and it said No Service. So I kept turning it back on and off 70% of the time it was the Emergency Call screen and the other 30% was the Home screen but then within seconds it would go to No Service again.


So I moved to a different location (another part of town) and I got the 3G signal but then soon after I recieved No Service again. This issue went on and off and it was getting worse and worse by the day. Saturday the 14th, that morning I was using the phone to call someone half way through it cut out, No Service this was the day when it just stopped working for me. I ignored it and woke up 7 hours later I then used Skype on the phone WIFI connection worked but then saw I had No Service I turned it off and turned it back on. Emergency Call again, so it brought me back to the Home screen, this was the last time I would be seeing my Home screen. No Service again, turned it off and it brought me to the Emergency Call screen again, turned it off and turned it back on, EC screen again. It turned it off and turned it back on.


At this point I'm thinking to myself my iPhone is dead, so someone tells me to try to restore it. I hooked my iPhone to my Mac, it said "Waiting for iPhone" to sync I suppose. Then it says unable to sync Brandon's iPhone please restore, so I restored it, then it seemed the restore process went fine, but when the phone restarted it took me back to the Emergency Call screen. So is my phone pretty much dead? I hope this long descriptive discussion post is some help so if anyone else has gone into this problem or knows if a solution. Do I need to take my phone back and it get replaced?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2, No Service and Emergency Call issue