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  • Paul Klenk Level 1 (80 points)



    That could indicate that the problem is more pervasive than we originally thought.  See if you can replicate it.


    What I find irritating is that all other NIK plugins work perfectly for me.  And, because of my experience, I have been thoroughly sold on NIK products.  However, my experience with this particularly plug-in leaves doubt.


    Keep us informed, please.



  • Thomas Herbert Level 1 (105 points)

    The effect is reproducible in the sense that every time, when the Photoshop plugin closes and the original image is processed, the image in the photoshop window shows one or two black rectangles and/or - rarely - a rectangle with a shifted or distorted image.


    I'll post again if I find anything new.



  • Paul Klenk Level 1 (80 points)



    So, is that considered a "preview" window?  The problem originated in the so-called "preview" and NIK blamed Apple for not releasing memory.  If you have a chance, read my earlier post in this discussion because a NIK representative is quoted.


    Therefore, if the PhotoShop view is tantamount to the "preview" in Aperture, then it appears to have the same origin.  I'm not a code writer, but I can use some deductive reasoning.




    PS  Open a support ticket with NIK and see what you get for a response.  I'd be interested.

  • Thomas Herbert Level 1 (105 points)

    I did open a case with Nik and they just responded.  They say that there is a memory or alllocation leak in CS6 and suggest to change Photoshop's Graphics Processor Settings from Advanced to Normal or Basic.


    Isn't it a little strange that both Photoshop and Aperture both have a memory leak or something similar to each other?  Oh well, this will have to do until Nik, Adobe, and/or Apple get things sorted out.



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    That is interesting.  So, now, both Adobe and Apple have memory leaks or a failure to release memory according to NIK. So, NIK is indicating that there's nothing wrong with their product, it's the fault of Adobe and Apple.  Let's see . . . NIK plugins are designed specifically for Adobe products such as PhotoShop and Lightroom.  The plugins are also produced for Apple Aperture.  In fact, if I'm correct, those are the ONLY products on the Mac side of the equation.


    Rhetorical question, Tom, but would you want to limit a portion of your sales because you cannot produce a product that works properly with Macintosh PhotoShop, Lightroom, and Aperture?  And, if all the other plugins function properly and I know they do because I own all of them, then why is this one a particular problem?



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    I have just upgraded to HDR Efex Pro 2 and have experienced exactly the same problem. From your discussions it appears that there is no fix. Problem is I actually like the program....

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    That's what we've discovered and it appears ONLY to pertain to the HDR 2 version.  NIK has made a couple of iteration changes so there have been some upgrades, but to no avail.  Your best bet is select an image to use the plugin, pull up the plugin window and look for settings.  For some, unchecking the GPU option works.  For others, it does not.


    Clearly it's not my iMac with over 3.0 GHz of processor speed, 16 GB of RAM, and 2 GB of Video Memory.  If you read the entire piece, you'll see that NIK has been contacted many times.  And on each occasion, NIK transfers the blame to Apple and apparently Adobe too, according to Tom's experience, supra.


    So, it begs the questions that I posed in my comment prior to your post.  Why not file a ticket with NIK and then get a response.  Post the body of the response here and we'll see if there's consistency in their story?  Not telling you what to do, but just making a suggestion.


    Thanks Dave!



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    I can confirm that I have seen HDR Efex Pro 2 go sideways in PS CS6 as well.


    FWIW, I spoke at length with one of the customer service people at NIK about a year ago looking into aquiring the balance of the complete edition for Photoshop (which also includes Aperture and Lightroom plug-ins). During that conversation, we discussed the on-screen proofing setting in Sharpener Pro 3 and he indicated that there was a memory leak in the Photoshop plug-in at that time.


    I have spent some time on the Adobe forums as well and NIK has both good and bad reports from the engineers there. NIK plug-ins crashing in their (NIK's) own code has been mentioned since the release of CS6 by one of the PS engineers.


    I hope these issues are ironed out now that Google has aquired NIK, but I don't get the impression that support will be completely reliable until the transistion has been completed.


    Snapseed is the other Mac offering currently.

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    This just adds to the dilemma and confirms suspicions about the NIK plugins. When you state that its crashing in its own code, you mean that it's the NIK code and not the host application, correct?


    Had no idea that Google acquired NIK. Do you have a source for that information? I am not demonstrating any doubt, but I want to pester the right entity.


    Yeah, I have Snapseed, but it is not comprehensive enough for a professional photographer. You can see some NIK alterations at my storage site:


    NIK's actions are tantamount to selling a new car with a known defect and seeking top dollar.



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    Yes, the thread I had read mentions that Adobe had been looking at crash logs and that the NIK plug-ins were crashing in the plug-in code and not Photoshop's code. I believe it was either Chris Cox or Eric Chan from Adobe who had mentioned that. I couldn't find the thread via a quick search, but below are two threads where Chris Cox is responding to OP's with NIK plug-in issues:




    As for the Google bit, below is the home page for NIK and then the blog post about the aquisition on September 17, 2012:




    Agreed with Snapseed. It is a very watered down version of the complete collection for snap-shot cameras - IMHO.


    I have always had the feeling with NIK that while there is great use for the plug-ins, they were not quite up to scaling their software to the fit and finish that we see with Apple's software. There are UI anomalies and some performance issues. The upside is that they allow you to do what Photoshop can do, but in a much shorter amount of time. I also feel that the HDR Efex Pro 2 software was pushed to the GPU too soon.


    I started with Color Efex Pro 3 select edition, then purchased Silver Efex Pro (1) and Viveza (1). Followed by HDR Efex Pro (1). Upgraded Color Efex Pro 4 and Silver Efex Pro 2 (both of which had started to utilize the GPU without any obvious issues). As mentioned in my previous comment, I then called and spoke with customer service to purchase the balance of the complete collection (for a good price) and received the 'heads-up' about Sharpener Pro 3 having a known memory leak when used in Photoshop (I purchased anyway).


    My final purchase was HDR Efex Pro 2, which has exhibited the same corrupt image / UI frame when used with Photoshop (I do all HDR work via Photoshop).


    I am definitely wondering where Google will take NIK. My first thought is for a program that they can incorporate into the Android OS. Hopefully, there won't be a conflict for the Aperture plug-ins, but with Aperture sandboxing - it may well prove to be a difficult path going forward.


    I personally now use Aperture for holding camera images only and send to Photoshop for use with plug-ins (or export via the BorderFX plug-in). Nothing against NIK on this one, just want to keep Aperture database clean and easy.


    I would love to see the plug-ins offered through the Mac App Store where sandboxing is required now, so incompatibilities may be kept at a minimum (or nullified).


    As a long time Photoshop user, I really love that program, but as a consumer; I really like the idea of cheaper, simpler and less time consuming. All of which Aperture is for handling my images.


    I believe Steve Jobs said something to the effect of: "As technology advances, it should become easier, not more complicated"


    P.S. - looked at the galleries. The Black & White stuff is nice!


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    I followed a similar path with the acquisition of plugins.  Consequently, I bought them separately and paid a premium price.  There may have been a deal history along the way.  In any case, I have them all.


    Would be rather foolish to buy the entire array without initial experimentation.  Irrespective, they seem to be the best on the market for Aperture.  However, I am extremely pleased with Topaz Denoise.  Instead of always working custom sliders, there are a series of presets for both jpeg and RAW.  For me, those are faster and more accurate.


    I specifically asked Apple to follow the same course of action within Aperture.  However, it was not done and that was a disappointment.


    I did take the time to read the links you presented and appreciate your efforts.  Clearly, you and I are very serious about this subject matter and we should be.  We paid for a FUNCTIONAL product and that is not what we received.  We did received ambiguous rhetoric!



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    Update : I have created a new library starting this month. As I was still working with the previous one until the recent days, I have not had the opportunity to test HDR Pro 2 with a thin Library. Now that I have started to work with the new library, I can report that I still have the issue, even with the GPU turned off, but I could say it's not as ferequent as it was with the loaded library; maybe once in every two or three processes. In any case, it is still unacceptable.

    -- Christian (B->

  • Paul Klenk Level 1 (80 points)

    It is unacceptable because you didn't pay for a defective product!  And, most of us can reproduce the precise issue.  Sorry to learn this, Christian.



  • Paul Klenk Level 1 (80 points)

    New upgrade to Aperture, but no improvement with NIK HDR 2!


    Renders and takes much time to load. Version is still skewed, but seem to improve if the Aperture library is rebuilt!

  • Dom the Diver Level 1 (0 points)



    I am running a new MBPr I7 2.7ghz 512 ssd 16gb Ram  - with Aperture and HDR Effex pro 2 and can confirm that I have been having the same issue - just wish someone would man up and resolve what is obviously a widespread issue.


    I work as a professional photgrpaher on expeditions and need to process images effectively, effiecently and in a timely manner, having to restart aperture all the time does not fit into that context!!