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  • Mk Gonda Level 2 Level 2

    Thank for posting this John. 


    I had installed the Nik Collection on a 15-day demo and decided to buy it today.  Once purchased and installed the non-demo version, Color Effects 4.0 kept crashing Aperture (worked fine in PSE).  After reading your post, I uninstalled the entire Nike Collections, including prefs, then reinstalled the whole thing again.


    It works just fine now - thanks for solving it.

  • Paul Klenk Level 1 Level 1

    This is a long time coming, but I see some radical changes that have occurred since Google bought NIK.  Most of these changes are NOT good.  First, have any of the plug-ins been revised or updated?  Second, the Google NIK site is not very intuitive.  This is really unfortunate because NIK was producing superior plug-ins.  So, what will happen with the next iteration of MacOS?

  • One Big Wookie Level 1 Level 1

    The only thing that's changed is the price.  Google only put their name on them - they haven't updated (i.e. addressed any of the bugs/problems with Aperture). 


    It's impossible to say what will happen when OS X Mavericks hits (or even the next version of Aperture).  Google hasn't really done anything with the Nik plugins other than rebrand them and lower the price.

  • CorkyO2 Level 4 Level 4

    The main things that changed are the installer (e.g., where and what type of support files are installed), some UI issues with window frame corners have been cleaned up, and the settings for update checking have been removed from user control (there is a Google updater in support files now).

  • John Mather Level 1 Level 1

    As with all things Google, Nik Software has been swallowed by the Borg. The support system is now entirely through Google and in my experience not as easy to access. Proimarily the very well produced webinars are no more. And the interesting Podcast series with Scott Shepard appears defunct.


    They have been "replaced" with Google+ Hangouts through the Nik "Community". The result is a much lower production value and fewer productions. Scott is a good interviewer who got some greatpodcast guests. But the Hangouts just haven't worked very well for me. Using the "Community" as the primary way to announce updates, news, changes etc requires being logged into G+ and manually monitoring the group often to find the wheat from all the chaff (other users).


    Maybe I'm stuck in the past but news feeds are much handier for checking headlines than slogging through all the stuff on G+. Frankly I think Google, by focussing on photographers, is hurting as much as helping with all the excess noise and mediocure output.


    Given the recent Adobe changes & Googles penchant for nosing into new markets. Mayb their long term plan is to use Nik technology to create an alternative to PShop by designing a central app with layers to coordinate all the "plugins". It's not a bad idea. One & Topaz are sure trying that.

  • Martha44444 Level 1 Level 1

    I have this problem even after I pasted the INTERN code into text.  What is the fix for this?  I have been using Color Efex Pro 4 and after 3 or 4 edits to separate pictures, the view is scrambled on every picture file that I try to view. Impossible to carry on this way.  NIK says it's an Aperture problem.  The problem started after the midnight update by Google to the Nik software group which included the Analog efex.  Macbook Pro mid summer 2010.

  • John Mather Level 1 Level 1

    If this is a recent problem it might be from one of the invisible updates Google forced out to add Nik Ananlog Pro plugin. Many, many folks have had problems. I'm not sure how they solved it. I never did get the update so I went back to the original email Google sent me when they took over Nik. It has a link to a full download of the latest release. Then you can be sure you have the latest version.


    Maybe a Reinstall & a rebuilding of the Aperture library will work?


    I'm still on Mounain Lion & Aperture 3.4.5. If you moved to Maverick you have to use Aperture 3.5 which may complicate things.

  • One Big Wookie Level 1 Level 1

    There have been ongoing issues with NikGoogle plugins and Aperture - most related to screen redraw issues.  NikGoogle says it's a problem with Aperture, whereas the evidence suggests it's a problem with the Nik Collection, and NikGoogle just doesn't want to fix it.


    The latest update (ver 1.105 if I recall) has introduced some new problems on top of the original ongoing issues.


    Funny thing is.....there isn't a problem with any other plugins, such as onOne, Photomatrix, etc.

  • Martha44444 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi John,


    Yes, it is since the Nik invisible update.  I have Mountain Lion & Aperture 3.4.5.  This problem began immediately after the invisible update.  I was forced to do a rebuild prior to noticing the viewing problem and I couldn't open Aperture until the rebuild was finished.   It was last week anyway.  I am not 100% sure that the Nik update forced the rebuild or fix of some sort.


    I've talked to NIK and Apple.  It is a NIK problem.  Nik and I reinstalled and made a tweek in text editing to the code.  That INTERN code.  That did nothing to fix it.  Apple is now aware of the problem as I walked them through it for over an hour moments ago.  It was working fine on a fresh restart until the 12 photo edit.  Then, the problem revealed itself. 


    The question I have is did Nik build this for 3.5?  It's supposed to be compatible from 3.1 forward.


    Nik says Apple.  Apple says Nik.


    I wish I could just uninstall the new update and go back to the version before the invisible update.

  • Christian Barrette1 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everyone.

    Just an update here. I've had the screen refresh problem for months, but only with HDR Efex Pro. Recently, somwhere around when Aperure upgraded to 3.5 and the Mac OS to 10.9, the problem has spread to other plugins like Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro.

    This morning, Aperture has been updated to 3.5.1. So I decided to give Google Nik Collection a new try. I went to their web site and downloaded the trial version. As I own the licence, it makes me sure I have their most recent version. The installer says it's I first ran the Uninstall program and then reinstalled. Absolutely non change at all.

    -- Christian (B->

  • Martha44444 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a case in with Nik.  They have recreated the problem on their end and have sent a report to the engineers.

  • One Big Wookie Level 1 Level 1

    Was playing around in HDR Efex, and tried something.  With Ghost Reduction turned off, the graphic issue when a processed image is brought back into Aperture doesn't happen.  WITH it turned on, it does.


    Hopefully, NikGoogle will finally find a fix to all of these issues.

  • MeisterFritz Level 1 Level 1

    Noticed that Color Efex Pro now does not play nice.  Establish some effects for an image and it renders.  And, in my case, there is no redraw problem.  However, as Christian has noted, that was a major problem with HDR Efex PRO 2.


    Now, I will address the first situation mentioned.  So, I have an original image and the newly rendered image with the desired Color Efex Pro effects.  Then when I change image in the thumbnail, the primary screen image does not change.  I have to quit out and reopen the application..


    Yes, I've repaired permissions, fixed the data base and rebuilt the data base.  However, I will sporadically be tortured by the same results.

  • Martha44444 Level 1 Level 1

    I have received a possible "fix" from NIK that is in beta testing.  I need to try it out for myself and report back to let them know if it fixed the problem I encountered with Color Efex 4. All of my images, edited or not edited, were not viewable in view mode in Aperture 3.  They are working on it which is good news at least.

  • MeisterFritz Level 1 Level 1

    So, this post was on Dec 6th.  What, if anything, has occurred since then?

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