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    Found a solution.  I had tried everything including creating new account and getting rid of the file suggested which did not help.


    Here's what worked.  


    1)  Highlight the photo you have in the project, within the project window itself, that isn't playing properly


    2) Right click


    3) Select   Reveal in Finder


    4) Right click on the file name when you see it on the list of files


    5) Click Duplicate


    6) Drag the new file (duplicated file)  into your project


    7) Voila,  photo now shows up correctly!


    8) Worked for me.  I hope it will work for you!




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  • 2-ton Level 1 Level 1

    thanks for the info, you would think that apple would make a product that was easy to use both in their template and also using our own ideas.  It is so non-intuitive, in my opinion, and there are not very good instructions.

  • J-Powers Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you, Lisa. I tried this but was not successful.


    I have been using iMovie without any problems. I've come back to it having been away a few months and am now having the trouble of not seeing the photo added into the project.

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