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https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1229922 <-- this

'nuff said, this has been a problem ever since Preview lost its ability to animate GIFs. It may be a WebKit problem (i.e. yeah, Apple, just go ahead and let yourself off the hook...right), but regardless, how come it has not been addressed sooner? Safari chokes after about 4 frames of animation; if the GIF loops, it starts over fresh, but it chokes again.


I am using 10.5.8, but I am aware this is still a problem for all 10.6 OSes and iOSes. I don't know about Safari for Windows; not relevant at the moment.

Why is this still a problem after three-and-a-half years of Safari development have passed?

Mac OS, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I haven't seen this problem myself, but can you provide a link to an animated gif that doesn't work for you?

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    Like Klaus, I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Animated gifs are fine.

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    Well, here are the issues I have run into.


    1) Gifs load half way and then animate on the base but not on the top.


    2) Gifs animate waaaaaaay too fast.


    I have found no solution for the 1st issue, and it does not always occur.


    As for the second one it has to do with browsers all reading the "0 delay" setting of the animation at uniquee speeds. Most round it to 10/100th of a sec, while Safari loads it at 3/100th resulting in a faster images, but a non-standard speed. Which ***** since I am running animations that follow using a set time out only to have safari throw everything off. I think one other browser runs at something like 6/100ths so Safari is not the only one. Faster could be nice if they all got on the same page, but as they are it is pointless. Pretty much meaning if you want an animated gif you have to avoid the "0 delay setting at all costs, and pretty much anything under 1/10th because it will not display the same in many browsers. It could be this fast speed in Safari that is causing the loading and instability issues with sime.