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i have my iphone 4 set to sync to my laptop macbookpro.


i would like to upload the photos from the phone to my desktop macpro machine since this is where i have my aperture database.


can anyone help with specific steps on how to do this?


every time i try to do this it tries to do a sync with iTunes and right now i am not seeing all my apps, so i am going to now sync with the laptop to get my apps back. but i would really like to get my photos off my phone onto my desktop macpro machine...


thanks for any help with this.



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    You can use Image Capture to pull images off the iPhone if needed.

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    Hi Corky.


    Is image capture a software program or is it a command in aperture?


    are you indicating this is a kind of a hack in case I can't get the sync/not sync issue worked out.





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    It is a program in the Applications folder (included with all OS X installations).


    Launching it with the iPhone connected will allow you to select the iPhone in the left-hand devices pane and will display the images on the iPhone in the main pane at right. You can then copy the images to a folder (say on the desktop) which can subsequently be imported into Aperture or used as you like.


    Not a hack. The only hack you will face is trying to sync your iPhone on a second computer (as it is tied to one computer). As a long time PC power user, I would suggest refraining from hacks as they take too much work in the long run.

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    oh. holy cow.


    what does this bad boy do? it allows me to easily connect to my iphone, digital camera or whatever?


    anything else?


    i see my all in one desket shows up as shared but i can't imagine what i would do with it.


    can i take a peek in my ipod mini or even drop some information on there corky?


    while i am at it - i am going overseas and may not want to have access to my Dropbox account on the iphone because I will be paying crazy connection charges.


    yesterday i was wondering if there was a way to use my iphone more like a hard drive and actually drop pdf's or jpgs or whatever on it so that I could read and or open them (still can't believe i can't edit my pages docs on this phone) - anyway, would I put info permanently on the phone by going through iTunes somehow or is there an easier way to just drag and drop it on that would allow me to retrieve it easily...without accessing the cloud of course.



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    Image Capture deals with image files, so no go transfer of non-image file types. But it will work with a digital camera if needed. I believe it was the original (or one of the original) Mac image importers.


    As far as other options outside of iTunes for getting files onto the iPhone, your kind of stuck with a cloud based system (e.g., iDisk if you have MobileMe, which allows transfer of PDF files). I have not checked on anything from Google, but there is probably something cloud based on that path as well.


    Overseas, your best bet will be free wi-fi (at hotels, cafes, etc.) and the cloud.

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    Hi Corky.


    Thanks. Do you mind if I follow up on this even though tangential to the post? I've seen your name a bit and have an idea about your level of technical expertise...


    At+T seems to be not very good at giving me accurate information about billing (go figure) and I can't quite figure out if I am going to be billed for messages left on my voicemail, incoming text/images and any iCal/Contacts/Bookmark syncs while I am traveling.


    Do you know if I need to turn on Cellular and turn on Roaming in order to access WiFi overseas? And if so, won't that put me at risk of running up a huge bill (even if I don't get on the internet while not connected to WiFi)? I don't get how this is supposed to work. If I walk around in airplane mode the whole time, it seems like I won't be able to accept a "local" call or make a "local" call if I need to. I mean, I guess I am dialing the local area code when I call out, and obviously I can answer or not answer a call at my choosing but I can't figure out billing for the above not to mention how (visual?) voicemail is supposed to work or not work while overseas.


    Visual Voicemail is supposed to be traveling over regular network (not WiFi) as are all the other items (I think) but if I have the phone on to receive calls doesn't that mean it is going to try and sync everything?


    Also, since Dropbox and MobileMe only give me access to information when connected to the cloud (that's correct, yes?) if I am travelling and have uploaded a map to get somewhere on my phone I am out of luck if I am driving and don't have access to WiFi, no?





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    I only know about the UK and the best advice I got was this:


    The following will prevent roaming charges when accessing Wi Fi UK:

    • If applicable, remove the International Long Distance and International Roaming features from your plan. This requires a call to your mobile service provider (probably AT&T).

    • Have the phone in airplane mode

    • Disable the 3G and Cellular Data

    • Data roaming should be turned off

    • Enable WiFi

    • Turn off any automatic pushing. This prevents emails from being pushed to your phone.

    • Turn off any automatic app updates


    I don't use Skype, but many like using that service for making phone calls via the net (you'll want to check the details on their site).


    I just purchased a phone card and used land-lines for phone calls that were not included in the hotel services.


    Note - I made sure that I was connecting to the hotel or cafe wi-fi hotspot that was either free or cheap and did all my work in the Safari browser.


    As far as any voicemails, text/images, etc.; I believe anything outside the browser connected in wi-fi above would accrue International roaming charges.


    Connecting to MobileMe via the Safari browser in wi-fi allows iDisk access (I don't use DropBox, so not sure on that one).


    Basic advice is therefore; (1) stay within the browser with iPhone settings set as listed above for low cost option, or (2) get a temporary package from AT&T to allow you to predict your costs.