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I am worried about my new MacBook Pro's screen. It is a gorgeous screen which I want to preserve, however I am constantly afraid of finger prints/dust particles... Is there a good, reliable, fail-proof screen protector that will not ruin my MacBook's beautiful, vivid display? I am asking about screen protectors that either; A)Apple manufactures or supports; B)Any third party screen protectors that have a 5 star rating.


Things to watch for: I absolutely DO NOT want any stickiness on my screen, even if it says "easily removable without residue". NONE! If anyone has heard of Clarvue protectors, they use static, not stickiness... Please DO NOT suggest random screen protectors that are like $15. I do not mind paying $75 for a really good screen protector, so long as it does not ruin my computer. Also, please make sure it does not constantly have air bubbles. I know that some screen protectors remove them as time progresses. I like the sound of that. Easily removable and washable would be nice for a screen protector.