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more people would pay 10 or 15 or even 20 dollars a month for unlimited iTunes song downloads then they would pay 20 dollars for less than 20 songs with the new 1.29 song price.  Wouldn't it be wise for apple to sell music at the prices they are now but have an option to have unlimited downloads.  Once they have the music up distributing the songs is free to them.  If they got 15 dollars a month from people who usually only spend 3-4 dollars a month on songs wouldn't apple make more money that way?  The androids can have unlimited music for free and while they have a better music download rating than iTunes why shouldn't we have unlimited even when we are going to pay monthly.  I have talked to a lot of people about this and people who rarely buy music said that they would pay up to 20 dollars a month to have it go unlimited.  I think it's a wise decision and I just wanted to be heard and see what people think.  I think it would make a happier apple community. 

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    Apple is very aware of that model and has chosen not to offer it.


    You and your friends who prefer the flat fee, unlimited music model should definitely check out Rhapsody.


    Not sure where you got the idea that "Once they have the music up distributing the songs is free to them."  In fact a percentage of every sale goes to the label and artist.