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I have recently been sending some emails from my office to Mail on my Mac and IPhone, and they don't seem to be arriving.  I have checked to make sure they have gone (I have sent four today) but none have been received.  Can anyone give me any advice as to what to do to find why they are not being delivered?

IMAC 24", Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Should they be hung up on a server, it could take up to 3 days before they are released and sent back as undeliverable. Try CC your mail to yourself, or to another account like gmail. You could call up your IS dept and see if your mail has reached the server and yes they can tell if they look!

    The other thing that you could do is delete your target mail and enter the address manually. I have seen address get "modified" by wandering fingers (Ben there, done that). Just make sure that you get rid of all instances of the target email.

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    Thanks for the response.  I have checked with the server, and the emails have been sent, but still have not arrived.  I have CC them to the same address but using @mac.com instead of me.com and also BCC back to my office address.  The BCC has arrived back to my office in box but still nothing in my Apple mailbox.  I have also checked Trash and Junk but no sign of the emails.

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    I am a little confused of your response. The "@mac.com" is the IP address that you are sending to. The name in front identifies who on that site is to get the mail. Try sending out a mail on your me.com account and cc the mail back to itself.

    Another trick that you could do is to get someone to send you a mail and reply to that mail. Should this work cut and past the senders mail into another mail and send that one out too. Its always nasty dealing with mail problems as it is more hit and miss that anything else. This is mostly due to the fact that access to the server is by phone. It is tedious to track mail on a server and at best you get a quick look by support.

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    Sorry to confuse Jim.  The email I am sending to my @me.com is from my office account, which is account from another IP provider.  It has always worked without any problem previously, so it may be something to do with the subject matter or the contents.  The title did end in exe, so I have changed that and resent it, but still no sign of it turning up (checking IPhone constantly).

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    Could you please check the setup of your account on me.com. Is it a POP or a SMTP account. It should be a SMTP account. The recent update of mail of me.com has put a lot of users in the same boat. If it is POP, switch it to SMTP.

         They really bury the settings on the iphone. Goto settings--> Mail, Contacts, Calenders-->MobileMe-->Account-->Mail and look at your SMTP. It should say "smtp.me.com". Also check (on the same screen) Advanced, scrool down and make sure that the server port is 993 and that  the Use SL is turned on.

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    Thanks Jim, I will check that this evening when I get home.

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    Just got a chance to check the IPhone and it is already set up as per your advice.  I have just forwarded another email from a different client with a different subject and that arrived instantly, but have once again tried the missing email, and I have removed any reference to exe, and I cannot see anything else that would cause offense, but still it will not arrive in my Inbox.  It does have a txt file attached, but I have even sent it without the attachment and still no sign of it.  Very strange.   

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    I am having same issue along with a colleague.  It's affecting many at the same time - perhaps it's an iCloud issue that no one is telling us about.

    Had hoped you had resolved.  It's ongoing and random, and affecting my business for sure.