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I'd ordered an iPad 2 on the 27th of April and recieved it this last Friday (May 13th). It'd shipped two days ahead of it's scheduled date on the 11th but recieved when it was supposed to.


Immediately after recieving my iPad 2, I'd noticed small pits and chips in the aluminum along with a scratch on the side along with some issues with the backlight. I called Apple the same morning and they promised me a replacement and I was to be put on a priority list for a replacement. I got an RMA # and eventually got shipping labels. The updated order said it'd ship by the 27th and be recieved by June 3rd. The representative promised me it would ship well before then and that the shipping would be overnighted and wouldn't be the two week wait again. I even said I didn't want to have to go through all that again after receiving a dud product.


I was offered an accessory which came yesterday.


I called today to get an update on my order since they received the iPad 2 yesterday on the 16th. The representative wouldn't confirm anything other than it looked like a standard order and it would ship by the 27th without overnight shipping. She wasn't incredibly helpful with the situation nor did she really reaffirm anything about getting a replacement to my doorstep sooner than the entire new two week wait of ordering a new one. When I mentioned a priority list, it didn't seem any different to her than a normal web order (like when I originally placed my order on the 27th of April).


I had something like this happen to me last year and I got a new iPad in two days flat.



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    Call back and ask to have your call expedited to Customer Relations. They are authorized to make things happen that the entry level agents cannot. Be calm and polite because they really want to help you.


    Be sure to mention the promises that the first agent made regarding the promptness of being on a priority list with overnight shipping and that the most recent agent sees none of that differentiating the order from a standard order. Calmly explain your disappointment.


    I had an issue when I called an Apple Store and asked about upgrading the RAM in my Mac. The store clerk told be that 3rd party RAM installed by an Apple certified tech by an Apple certified service provider, would void my extended warranty. The font line Apple Care agent told me the same thing. I asked to speak with Customer Relations and was told both the other Apple employees were wrong and he sent me a coupon for up to US$100 off any Apple Product of US$300 or more. I used it for my iPad 2 and got a 64 GB model for the price of the 32 GB model!