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my 4 year old daughter has been pushing some buttons on our Mac, and by doing so, suddenly screwed some setting in Aperture. Basically, Aperture seems to think that its window is wider (to the right) than it actually is - even wider than the display. As a consequence, it centers the image in the viewer according to its (wrong) "wide" window setting, so the image is too much to the right, and is only partially shown. Same story in the browser window: it's not even possible to scroll to the right to see the last thumbnail. If I reduce the actual Aperture window size, the problem becomes worse. If I drag the image from the viewer, the image becomes fully visible, so there is nothing wrong with the image as such. No problems in the full screen viewer mode either.


I realize this description might not be extremely clear. I hope these two screenshots help:


* Aperture window after clicking the green "+" symbol in the upper left corner. You see the image is shown partially:

aperture groot.jpg

* Aperture window reduced to the smallest size allowed. The problem gets worse (a smaller part of the image is shown):aperture klein.jpg


I am using Aperture 3.1.2 on a MacBook Pro. The problem is there for any picture in any project/folder/album/... The problem persists after quitting and restarting Aperture, and even after rebooting the computer.


Any idea which feature she has activated?



Thanks a lot,



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    This is not a feature -- it's a bug.  Really. 


    Close and restart Aperture.  That almost always takes care of it.  If not, post again.

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    Maybe try Shift+W.

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    Nice to hear that a 4-year old girl finds a bug in Aperture 3 ;-)


    Closing and restarting Aperture doesn't help. I even tried rebooting the system - still the same...

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    Shift+W does what it should do, but doesn't solve the problem.


    When I hit Option+H (Three up in the viewer), I see the left picture completely, the middle partially, and I suppose there must be a third one at the right which is completely invisible.

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    It is unusual (in my experience) that restarting didn't clear the problem.  Here are the next two attempts:


    Close Aperture.  Go to "System Preferences→Displays" and change the display size.  After it changes, change it back.  Restart Aperture.


    If that doesn't work, start your computer in Safe Mode.  Then shut it down and restart regularly.

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    It worked!


    The suggestion by Kirby didn't work: quitting Aperture, changing and rechanging display size, and restarting Aperture.


    What did work: change display size while Aperture is running, quit Aperture in that setting, reset the display size to the default, restart Aperture. Everything is back to normal now. No clue, however, how on earth my daughter got me in this situation...



    Thanks folks!




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    Sorry I'm bringing this back from the dead, but I am currently having this issue with Aperture 3.4.3


    I have tried all of the solutions listed to no avail.  Hopefully someone has a solution!


    Cut Off.jpg

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    Removed com.apple.Aperture.plist and rebooted Aperture.  You'll need to relink your library after this, but otherwise it's perfect!


    If you have this problem, see Kbase article HT3805.


    Excerpt below:


    You can resolve many issues by restoring Aperture back to its original settings. This will not impact your image files or your library. To reset your Aperture user preference settings to their original state, do the following:

    1. Quit Aperture.
    2. In the Finder choose Go to folder from the Go menu.
    3. Type ~/Library/Preferences in the "Go to the folder" field. Press the Go button.
    4. Remove the "com.apple.Aperture.plist" file from the Preferences folder.