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What can I do to prevent iPad dropping wifi connection

iPad 2
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    At the moment Apple has not yet determined the cause of this fault, in iOS in general, and this problems seems to be widespread throughout the entire family of iOS 5 software, not just specifically the iPad version. But, at the moment, the iPad is the system that is prone the most to this error. Should you have an Apple Developer Membership, I strongly encourage you to upgrade to iOS 5.1 Beta Software, as the error is slightly resolved, and the dropouts drastically reduce.


    The iPad 1 is prone more to this error than the iPad 2, of which I have the first. People around me with iPad 2s don't have this problem as much.

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    Two knowledge base articles to work through are:








    See if those help with your problems.

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    Maxgreferoelle, have you filed a radar with Apple, that I could dupe?

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    I had this problem after upgrading to ios 5.1.  My iPad (and iPhone) would continually drop the connection at home but not at Starbucks.  It turned out to be my wifi security setting.  Set security to WPA2 ONLY and that fixed the problem..

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    IPad dropping WiFi every few seconds after updating iOs to version 5.x


    I have the same problem with my iPad 2. It was working fine when my iOS was v.4.3.3. After updating the iOs to version 5.0.1, I kept dropping my WiFi & Internet signal. I am using WPA2, and my SSID is OFF (does not broadcast). 


    To solve the problem, I updated iOs to v5.1. Same problem occurred. I tried using the OpenDNS as suggested.. Did not work too. WiFi stays on for 5-10 seconds before saying signal was lost. Tried to log on again - iPad replied that I cannot join the network. Tried soft & hard reset, forgetting network settings, resetting all network Setting, etc - still nothing works.


    Finally, out of frustration, I turned ON my router's SSID (broadcasting openly). Guess what? My iPad WiFi is working perfectly without any dropped connection. 


    Please try this quick solution. It may just fix your problems. I realized that this solution may be effective for some iPad users out there.  But there is a chance it may not work with others (I tried almost all suggestions in other forums - ranging from updating the wireless router firmware, using an OpenDNS, doing a soft & hard reset of the iPad, etc. Still, nothing worked for my iPad - except this simple SSID setting). Hopefully, this additional solution might help someone. Good luck :-)

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    I had this issue for a couple of months. It seemed to only affect my ipad and not my laptop though. I made 2 changes on my wifi router that seems to have resolved it.


    First I updated the firmware, and secondly I changed the wireless channel as I figured maybe there was some local interference or something.


    Anyway, the problem is resolved although I'm not sure which change made it work.