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I use outlook at work and would love to be able to access my outlook calendar from home using ical. I'm very new to computers and even newer to the mac environment. Any help accomplishing this task would be greatly appreciated.


IMAC G 5, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
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    I would love the same functionality, but I am pretty sure it doesn't exist. And probably never will.

    But hope springs eternal...
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    I would LOVE this as well. No wonder people don't buy Macs. Zero compatability. I'm still not sorry i bought it, but common!!
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    I finally figured it out. I use outlook at work and ical at home. If you have an iPod you can do it.

    Her are the steps:
    1. Download iAppoint from the web. Follow the directions
    If you can't find it, let me know.
    2. Sync your ipods calendar at home on your mac.

    That's it. Let me know if this worked.
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    Here's a non-trivial solution, if you are using Outlook 2003 at work:

    a) use RemoteCalendars (http://sourceforge.net/projects/remotecalendars/) at work. It's an open-source tool that will publish your Outlook calendars in iCalendar format.

    b) signup with a calendar sharing service like icalx.com or ifreebusy.com (disclaimer: ifreebusy.com is my site), and publish your calendar from work to the site

    c) on your home computer, use iCal to subscribe to the published work calendar. You can also view your work calendar via a web browser.

    It's not true calendar sharing - you won't be able to make entries into your work calendar from home, but at least you will be able to view the work calendar data in iCal.