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  • murali_sb Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here with Mac Mail for Yahoo. I sent a mail and it didn't show up in Sent messages either in mail or in Yahoo server. Not sure if the recipient even received the mail. And even stranger there seems to be no ownership of this issue from Apple. Looks like they know very well, no matter how many issues in their product or how bad they are, there would always be a steady stream of buyers who would camp outside the stores for days together to show their loyalty whenever new products are launched.


    I'm a recent convert to Mac from Linux and have another issue about disk swapping even when there's sufficient ram available. While going through that issue over here, found it's another known problem with OS X and people are happily recommending to add more RAM to the system instead of figuring out and fixing the issue. Linux worked so well and didn't had these many issues, atleast to me. A free product that is better than a paid one! 

  • Everic Level 1 Level 1

    If you don't need IMAP you could use POP3 and the issue would be solved. Apple Mail is not good enough for IMAP although Apple hides the option to create an POP3 account very well. IMAP seems to be the regular choice for apple but is not able to handle it stable.


    I need IMAP that is why I switched to postbox meanwhile which works much more reliabe than

  • JohnGlasgow Level 1 Level 1

    I no longer save messages to the server and since I've done that Mail seems to be behaving itself - as far as sending goes anyway. Still slightly worried that the number of messages I'm receiving at any one time is always less than the activity bar tells me I have incoming. Anyone else noticed that?

  • Brij011 Level 2 Level 2

    Do you know whether it's possible to switch an existing IMAP account in Apple Mail to POP3?

  • Everic Level 1 Level 1

    Just delete your account in mail und create a new one with the old adress and password but choose POP in the first settings. In snow lion you have to hold the alt key pressed to make the option apear that allows you to create a POP account. Most providers support IMAP and POP in generell and at the same time. But with yahoo e.g. you have to allow to recieve mails via POP in the settings.

  • funkster Level 1 Level 1

    I believe I have discovered something by experimenting that is relevant to this problem of non-saved sent mail that has been bothering me too for a very long while.


    I seem to have disdcovered 2 things:


    1. It is happening in particular when replying to emails that already have a long "thread",  i.e. there are a number of replies back and forth within email. Since yesterday evening, a number of successive sent emails (that is, replies to emails) did not save. However, when I sent a fresh, test-email it did save. Trying 2 replies again, they did not.


    2. When I cleared out half my saved sent emails by moving to folder on computer, thereby removing from IMAP server, the same test-reply did save as normal again.


    That is a pretty annoying thing to do however, if that is a solution, as it was only 2 weeks of saved sent emails from the start  to the middle of this month (about 60  emails only!).


    Could the problem therefore be to do with "nested" emails on IMAP, if that is the right term?


    I notice too in particular, these kind of emails seem to be  dealt with/stored on my Gmail-based online mail interface in a different way to how they are saved in Mac Mail. It's a bit beyond me to explain what I mean by this!, maybe someone more technical can explain. I have a suspicion some kind of confusion is occurring because of this.


    Can't swear that is the whole answer though, as the same has defintely also happened with messages containing attachments, especially if even a little large, but maybe it provides a clue.


    Meanwhile, I'd like to say it is beyond me why I and many others have to  bother to scratching our heads and waste time thinking about this long-running stupid problem, without any response from Apple, and as one of their share-holders and previously very satisifed customers it's making me question their genuine commitment to users.

  • JohnGlasgow Level 1 Level 1

    Apple have been notable by their absence on this issue. I am still within the 90 day customer support period and each time I have mentioned it to their support team they claim they are unaware that the problem seems to be so widepread. For the record, I have managed to solve it simply by unchecking the 'save sent to server'  and 'save draft to server' buttons. Since doing so, I haven't had any of the issues that plagued me earlier.


    Funkster questions Apple's commitment to its customers and is right to do so. As someone who has used Macs since the days of the Classic, I get the impression that Apple are now more concerned with the customers they don't have rather than those they do. My new iMac, although it still does what I need it to, feels as if it has been 'dumbed down' slightly in an effort to attract the Facebook generation. Do I really need to be notified of Facebook postings and Tweets telling me that someone I know has 'Made myself a coffee - LOL'? Yes, you can disable these features but the fact they exist shows you what Apple thinks its customers want. What we really want is the stable, reliable operating system we've always had. For years I was tired of PC users telling me Macs were nothing more than toys. If things continue the way they appear to be going that's exactly what they'll turn into.

  • Jean-Pierre Callut Level 1 Level 1

    I am as frustrated with this as you all are. The only "solution" I found is to do a BCC to myself for very mail I send, including replies to receivd mails, from the iPhone or iPad.

  • HAIKU HEAD Level 1 Level 1

    Anyone know how to permanently delete one's Apple e-mail account? I have used Mac Mail for many years and been a paid up Mobile Me user but I just cannot take this any more. I have lost countless e-mails, it never synchs with my iPhone and like many of you I am just fed up. I want to quit. But it seems one cannot actually delete one's Apple / iCloud e-mail address? Other than switcing on a permanent 'Away Notice' and never signing in again, is there any other way that any of you know of that I can permanently rid myself of this troublesome e-mail account?

  • Brij011 Level 2 Level 2

    Why not just set up an automated reply saying that the email address is not in use and that the sender should resend to your preffered address? Then you can just forget it.

  • HAIKU HEAD Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your reply Brij011. Someone had suggested that but I am concerned about Spam bots and junk mail as at present it is at least mainly placed in a folder in Mac Mail but with an Away Notice then any spammer will have my new address.


    I suppose I could just post a note saying the address is no longer valid but would be most useful if I could just delete all my Apple accounts. Seems like they have gone the Facebook® route? That we can only temporarily deactivate our accounts yet all of our personal info will be held in perpetuity?

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Apple iCloud accounts are and remain the property of Apple, you may choose to stop using it but it does not delete.


    iCloud Terms of Service


    Per the agreement you accepted.

  • LateMacAdopter Level 1 Level 1

    This is the first time (and I hope only/last) time I am on an Apple Support Forum. 

    I have some information and would like some help if someone really knows what they are doing.


    My first and only Mac has been a MacBook Air.  Two years and it has been excellent.  I upgraded to Lion, after Snow Leopard.  Everything was great.  I upgraded to Mountain Lion...and now Yahoo Mail is a disaster in the Apple Mail program.   Thinking there was a problem with the install, I did a complete format and fresh install of Mountain Lion and only brought files back on - I started all settings from scratch.  After this fresh install, still my sent mail disappeared, it never appeared in the "sent" mail folder.  Sometimes when I was sending mail it timed out, too.  With settings under Mountain Lion, it brought in all my archive yahoo folders that I didn't want/need access to, so when I went to delete one (not accustomed to IMAP settings, I had only ever used POP with yahoo) and I ended up deleting over 3,000 emails I archived for my own publishing/writing and such.  Bye-bye two years of saved correspondence.  I contacted Yahoo immediately and was not able to rebuild that folder...


    I was pretty angry, but let the issue go.  I still was noticing that I had the disappearing "Sent" mail issues, and wanted to just solve that and move on - every system can have issues, right?  Well, both times I have spoken to Apple they have told me, "We haven't seen problems like this." Both times.  Almost half the events/problems listed in this thread match my exact problems of "timing out", disappearing items that are sent, items that are sent and received by people not appearing in either my Mail "sent" folder nor my Yahoo sent folder on the server.  ---Yes, "Keep a copy of sent messages on the server" is checked and has always been)


    Then, when I realized that going back to POP using my yahoo account might solve this - going back to the settings when it worked without issue - it seems this is impossible under Mountain Lion.  I tried manually entering settings listed from Yahoo for POP.  That didn't work, even though it worked for almost ten years with Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Apple Mail under Snow Leopard and Lion.  Now, for whatever reason (and I would like to know why) IMAP is now the only option for Yahoo. 


    After almost an hour and a half of work with me over the phone on the first call three months ago, I finally give up and ask the obvious question:  How do I get this set back to POP for this yahoo account?  The answer, after some shuffling:  "You can't do that anymore.  It's not an option."  It's not like I misunderstood the answer, or they misunderstood the question, because I repeated it.


    So, after two years of slowly adopting an Ipad and the Iphone main issue is with Mac's Mail program. I never thought I'd own an iphone, ipad and MacBook Air and find my main problem to be with the Mail program.  Basic stuff.  I never thought I would be longing for the days of Outlook.


    The Apple Mail program won't work, nor will it allow me to set it to work in the way that was easiest and seamless three months ago. In some way this would all make sense if things worked better across all three platforms (ipad, iphone and mac), but it doesn't now.  Over three hours on the phone, and regardless of what many people have added to this thread, no aknowledgement this is even a problem for Mail. 


    Aside from opening a webpage, checking email and using a mail program is about as basic as functionality gets in a device today.  Like others have said, it generally works like it should on my iOS devices.  Sent stuff goes where it should - "sent" folders. 


    What now makes me angry, after reading all ELEVEN pages of this thread, is that both support calls I made, I asked three - THREE - different support personnel "Is this an issue you're having with Mountain Lion and IMAP?"  or  "For comfort, I need to know - are you having other issues like this with other customers?"  All three answered, "No.  First time I have seen this."  Looking through all eleven pages of this thread makes it clear this is either willful deception for some reason, or - despite how truly good natured the support personnel at all levels were - astounding incompetence.


    I was a late adopter, and for two years I had (past tense) grown to love Apple.  I sang their praises because things did what they were supposed to do.  I am (no sh#$) now looking at Windows 8 ultrabooks.  

  • Brij011 Level 2 Level 2

    If you are a late adopter, I am an ultra late adopter! I bought my first Mac just two months ago and am having exactly the same problems with Yahoo mail.


    I did read on another post that it was possible to get POP3 with Yahoo on Apple Mail but am not sure whether that was referring to OSX 10.8. Surely though Outlook for Mac is an option, have you considered this? This is the "solution" I think I'm going to have to take.

  • Everic Level 1 Level 1

    It is easy but hidden. Unfortunately my english is not perfect but I will try to make it clear.


    Open mail > settings > accounts. Choose to create a new account. The window apears that asks you for your name, mailadress and password. Type your information. When you are ready hold the alt-key and klick continue. Next window is what you want so much.


    I hope this is clear. If not ask me.

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