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  • JohnGlasgow Level 1 (0 points)

    That last sentence is a bit of a sweeping statement.


    I don't do anything differently to how I did it with the previous incarnations of Mail and yet the problems I've highlighted keep on arising. I mean, how do you get something like deleting an email wrong when you've been doing it very day of your life since email became available? Or how does an email I've already opened and read show up as a new, unread email again the next time I open Mail? Are you saying I'm not opening the programme correctly? Or there's a better way to delete emails than click on 'delete'?


    As I mentioned in my previous posting I have been using Macs from the days of the Classic and until recently I never encountered a problem I couldn't solve myself. To blame 'user error' as the issue is naive, insulting and slightly arrogant - many people encountering these problems are, like myself, experienced users. We can't all have turned into idiots overnight, even if I have.

  • Mitchell Group Level 1 (5 points)



    John, really no insult intended, but through the now 25 pages of comments, what i have listed seem to be the issues at hand for 99% of the users here  and anything else probably has to do with software, imap host, web provider and yes user error...  Start at page 1 and read through and you'll see what i mean...

  • Sybil Ann Chick Level 2 (240 points)

    I too have been using Macs since OS9 and Mail since I installed Jaguar OSX 10.2 (used Outlook Express with Classic).


    I ditched IMAP originally as I preferred to keep everything on my computer but had to go back to it with the introduction of iCloud, which doesn't support POP which iTools, .Mac and MobileMe all did. (Still use POP for my ISP provided email addresses.)


    Have now changed settings so that nothing other than the Inbox will be the same on the iCloud server and hopefully, if it works as others have found, sent email should all be kept on the computer rather than in the 'Cloud'.

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,910 points)

    JohnGlasgow wrote:


    The current Mail software is defective through and through - simple as that.

    It would be so nice if that was true, but then we would all have problems and most don't. Identifying the common factors is the likely way to a cure, your statement is simply far to broad.

  • m0nalisa Level 1 (0 points)

    To follow up my original post.  My email was deleted from the folders <sent, drafts, inbox> on three accounts when I changed servers. 


    The solution to my problem was to contact the mailserver I use, which is 1&1.  I explained to them what happened, and told them I suspected that my Mac was trying to sync with their mailserver folders, they use WebMail 2.0. 


    Anyway, they were able to restore the mailboxes on their server, which synced right back into my Mac mail.  I am glad, because I did not have these folders backed up.. I do now!


    Anyone missing email... Work fast, and try asking your mail server, maybe they can find yours too!

  • Ritzie_nl Level 1 (10 points)

    There's something wrong however, 25+ pages with persons losing mail, including me (less than 1% is posting their complaints, this is not something small).. MobileMe was notorious about it, but I did not expected this from iCloud...


    It is strange, however when sending a mail, getting a response without you finding the original.. There is something wrong indeed with mail but cannot put a finger on it yet. Until now this only happened with sending from icloud. I want to be able to trust my icloud-email... so please apple investigate and fix!


    Does anyone know if this is also happening with other mailclients as well? I do not look out to my outlook again...

  • Boscombe Level 1 (10 points)

    After using the ever increasing household IOS devices, I thought I had better check all were present and correct on the Mac - no such luck for Sent messages as has been described in this curly thread


    Is there any way of setting a Rule in Mail, that would say something ike:

    "All Messages in GMAIL Sent Mail" Move to Folder SENT " ?


    I have looked in Mail Preferences and can't work out a rule like that.


    It would be simpler if Apple pulled their finger out and solved this once and for all.


    At the moment, I periodically, go into GMAIL Sent Mail, select all the messages and Move Manually them the  the  general SENT paper airplane folder.


    Not what I was expecting with a Mac this

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,910 points)

    It's you, not the Mac. Locate the folder that Gmail is using (in Mac Mail), select t, go to the Mailbox menu and select 'Use this mailbox for Sent'


    Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.14.12 AM.png

  • PhilTaylorUK Level 1 (0 points)

    This mail problem isn't a show stopper but it's annoying that you can't rely on it. Like I said before, I seem to have fixed it for now with the store sent messages uncheck/check but I still find that quite often mail doesn't quit and I have to force quit it. I mainly use my iMac for Sibelius 7 and that crashes a lot too so I'm a bit disappointed. This is my first Mac having decided against going down the Windows 8 route and while it does perform very well, it also does seem quite flakey.

  • Troutbeware Level 1 (0 points)

    I put in my question and blow me down this thread came up top and I have read about 30 messages.


    I have exactly the same problem. Some emails (no attachments) do not get into my "sent" folder and I then think to myself later on I must have done something wrong. On at least 5 occasions in the last month I have sent a second email only to discover that the recipient had received my original email.


    I have only had this MAC Pro for about 4 months and have not used it much as I still like my Toshiba for all my photos. So I am not sure whether these "lost" sent emails have been happening since the beginning. I tend to use my Ipad more for emails and there the problem does not occur.



  • Troutbeware Level 1 (0 points)

    Having read some more of the messages I should have added that I am using BTinternet as my ISP and this is correctly shown in MAC Mail. So nothing to do with ICloud or gmail.



  • jorcol Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi all,

    Problem solved with a workaround. Maybe this solution is already known but did not read it in any of the previous replies (  did not read all of the replies )

    Creating a Smart Mailbox does the job.



    In Mac Mail, go to "Mailbox" and choose "New Smart Mailbox"

    Smart mailbox 1.png


    In the window that pups up choose a Smart Mailbow Name, ex. here "Sent Messages".

    Choose in the popup menus "messages" (is default), "all" (is default), "From" (you have to set this one), "Contains" (is default), and fill in your own email adress.(as an ex. here

    Make sure "Include messages from Sent" is active.

    Click "OK"

    Smart mailbox 2.png


    Now all of your send items are stored in that Smart Mailbox folder.

    Notice that this only seems to help for new messages since the moment of configuration of the Smart Mailbox. All previous older send items do not show up. Where are they? I don't know. They are also not even found on the server of my internetprovider. Don't care no more, works fine now for all my new sent items.

    What is the reason why this works? What is the technical explanation? I don't know. I've tried some configurations and this one seems to work well. Don't know if this is a correct solution but it works, for now. Hope it holds for the future.

    Me happy now

    Hope you happy to.



  • Troutbeware Level 1 (0 points)

    I used the reply button to the email I had received but did not realise that you had to sign in again. Just as well as this is the message I had sent:

    "It sounds a neat solution. I have just sent 3 test messages, 2 to myself and 1 to my wife. Unfortunately 1 of the test messages to myself (the first one that is why I did a second one) was not recorded in the new smart Mailbox but the past history is there including some test messages to myself yesterday. So I am not convinced that all is well yet.

    Nevertheless full marks for a potential solution. Have not worked out how to give a "like" or indeed a "brownie" point?"


    HOWEVER, my first test message has now appeared but it is timed 9 minutes after it arrived in my In Box and well after the other 2 test messages. Is this maybe a sympton of a lost sent message which is picked up after all to go into the smart Mailbox?



  • jorcol Level 1 (0 points)

    1- About the first test message: I had the same experience. It took a while before showing up in the Smart Mailbox. All messages I've send afterwards were ok, no probs.

    2- About the past history: This one is interesting. So you say that your sent messages of the past history are showing up now in your new created Smart Mailbox. Hmmmm, not in mine. interesting difference he .

    So I still ask myself, why are those send messages also not showing up on the server of the internetprovider (webmail). If they aren't there, it's normal that they can't be recovered by Macmail. (so yours will be on the server, and are recovered). Has the one thing something to do with the other? At first glance they don't, but .....

    I'm in the dark on this one. It seems to be a good idea to call the internetprovider about this.


    All new send messages since last night still saved in the Smart Mailbox. Until now, going well.



  • Troutbeware Level 1 (0 points)

    Ah I have a correction to make. I was going to say that my first test message was placed in the new smart Mailbox after the first 2 test messages, which I thought was rather odd.


    HOWEVER, I now note that my first test message did not in fact appear (same text as the second) but only the second. So then I go to my server to check whether it is there and it is (ie all 3).


    BUT I then discover that my first test message was sent under my icloud email address (something I never use and did not notice when drafting the test message). It is in my sent icloud emails but not in my smart Mailbox which is right as for the smart Mailbox I only gave my own server address!!


    I must confess I rarely sign in directly to my internet server as the only reason would be to delete the massive junk mail files. So I was unaware till today that all my sent emails from my computers/Ipads were on the server as well. As I do not recall the specific emails which I know were not in my sent folder I am unable retroactively to check whether they were on my internet server.



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