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Today I received an iPad2 as a gift.  This is the first ever Apple product I have owned.  I was expecting to just turn it on and jump on the web using my Wifi, but instead I keep getting a screen with a picture of a USB cable.  I connected it to my computer, but it still will not load the desktop screen.  I don't know if it wants me to connect it to a Mac (I don't have one), but I thought Apple's devices like iPad, iPhone, etc. didn't require Macs to use them?  Anyways, I'm getting a little irritated as I've had this thing in my possession for 3 hours and still haven't gotten it to boot.  I always thought the whole thing Apple sold itself on was simplicity and freedom from having to know anything about computers?


I have the 16 GB model of the iPad2.  My computer is a PC running Centos 5 Linux (essentially RedHat)


Right now I'm just looking to get it connected to my wifi so I can browse the web.  I don't care about installing any Apps, Music, etc. at the moment (don't want to buy anything if I'm going to have to end up selling it on eBay)


iPad 2, Other OS, Centos 5