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Within the last four years my wife and I have collectively owned 5 iPods, 2 iMacs, 1 Macbook Pro and 2 iPads. Before today, we have never needed to contact Apple Support.  Well, today Mr. Clumsy-hands (me)  managed to drop my iPad 2 facedown on a ceramic tile floor, shattering the glass and damaging the corner of the aluminum frame. After wiping the tears off the cracked face (to prevent water damage!) I made an appointment with the Genius Bar not knowing what to expect. Since this was my fault, and I knew Apple's warranty didn't cover accidental breakage, I figured I'd be quoted an exorbitant repair rate or that I'd have to pay for a new one. Also since supplies are tight, I also figured I'd need to wait a couple weeks if I did order a new one.


After seeing my "handiwork", the Genius kindly informed me that, yes, accidental breakage wasn't covered under warranty, but that since it was such a new product, the store would replace it free of charge!! He took my old unit and returned about 10 minutes later with a shiny new one. They even swapped out my SIM card.


I had always heard that Apple provided stellar support, but having experienced it first hand, I couldn't be more pleased.


BTW - My old unit had minor light leakage, for which I was still debating about bringing it in. The new unit's display is perfect!


Thanks Apple!