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Hi, on advice from the "Older Hardware" guys, it was suggested i repost the following here.


Greetings, I am ready to retire my studio's MDD G4 "windtunnel" Desktop - which ironically

has been in my recording studio control room (acoustically isolated as best as possible) for

over a decade. I need to maintain a solid, stable OS 9 bootable machine as we have a vital

piece of audio software that is OS 9-only.  Prior machine was the Blue and White AGP Graphics

machine - which i still have around for backup..


I was just reading a PowerMac G4 Wiki Page that discussed the infamous noisy

MDD machine - and i discovered a few things i never knew about it- like Apple's voluntary DIY

replacement scheme for the loud PSU and fan (wish we'd heard about that deal) but also some

disturbing news about a common ground loop issue for pro balanced signal audio equipment

users (like me).  This explains a few anomalies over the years - and definitely time to put this

one into office duty or storage. 


This said, what machine would anyone suggest as the best for reliability and minimum known

issues of any kind - in the Mac line - as a substitute OS 9 bootable 'workhorse.' -- I can't run

Classic within OSX given my soundcard requirements - has to be 'native' os 9.   I seem to recall

this machine was the last one capable of OS 9 bootability - (why we went with it in the first place).

Would the previous generation to this have a stable, suitable model to consider? Quicksilver?

I need as much processor power as possible as it's for audio production - and maximum connectivity

options (at least one FW, 2 USBs + at least 2 PCI slots). 


I'd greatly appreciate any specific model suggestions from my fellow PowerMac/OS9ers who know this

hardware history. $$ not a huge concern as i doubt the pricing is going to be exorbitant on this

generation of box. - Are we likely looking at a Quicksilver...or...other ideas?


Thanks much,