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billfromseattle Level 1 Level 1

Photos emailed from iPad display upside down on some receiving computer screens. Some are displayed properly. Is this something I can fix on my end?

iPad 2, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10

    The computers with the problem are Windoze computers.


    Depending on what is used on a Windoze computer to view the photos, it ignores the photo orientation info that is included with the EXIF data with all photos and videos captured by an iPhone or iPad.


    http://superuser.com/questions/61398/how-to-make-windows-7-aware-about-iphone-ph oto-orientation


    There is nothing you can do for the Windoze sufferers. What is needed with the photos/videos is already included with the photos/videos.

  • Kathy from PA Level 1 Level 1

    It is true that it happens on a Windows PC, BUT you can make sure it does not happen by taking the picture with the iPad in the correct position.  Apparently the iPad has a top and bottom .  If you take the picture with the iPad Home button on the right side (as it faces you), the picture you send to all (including Window PC users) will be in the correct position. We found this out by taking the same picture with the iPad in several positions, then e-mailing each picture to ourselves. (We have WIndows PC's) (We did not try verital, just horizontal positions).  The bottom of the horizontal iPad is the side with the magnetic strip.)  Hope this helps.   I think this is a problem with the iPod Nano videos too.  I have an iPod and some of them transfer sideways.  In both cases, if you click on the actual attachment  in Windows, it brings up a "view" that lets you turn & save the picture or video to the correct position.

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10

    You shouldn't have to do anything in this regard except use a viewer that doesn't ignore this data that is included with the photo's EXIF data.