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How can I put two photos side by side. For import to Imovie?

imac, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. You're going to need a 3rd party editor such as Photoshop Elements to do that. There's also a application, Portraits and Prints, which may be able to combine photos. You can find either at VersionTracker.com. For heavy duty editing PSE is the consumer application to use. You can do a lot with it.
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    I have Photoshop elements how would I do it there?
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    1 - open the first photo in PSE and go to the Image->Resize->Canvas Size menu option.
    2 - change the width measurements to percentage and enter 200 and hit Enter
    3 - When you're back to the enlarged photo canvas go to the Layers pane and double click on the one layer to unlock it.
    4 - Now, with the cursor in the Move Tool mode, Shift-Left Arrow till the image moves to the far left of the canvas. Releasing the Shift will move the image in smaller increments.
    5 - now open the other image and drag it into the first images window and close the second image.
    6 - move the second image to the right and position it where you want.
    7 - do a Save As to the desktop to create a new file.

    That's it. You can modify the above to place the photos exactly where you want, left or right, etc., but that's the crux of it. Be sure to do a Save As so as not to modify the original photo files. Good luck.
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    Thanks Toad.