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I have been trying to update iTunes. Each time I download and run the file my computer restarts and then nothing happens. When I open iTunes it is still the old version, asking me if I want to update again. I have tried from within iTunes and then also downloaded from the apple website.


Does anyone know why and what  I can do? Oh, and I am not very computer savvy...Thanks!

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    Windows software requirements to install iTunes

    Windows Software

    • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, 32-bit editions of Windows Vista, or 32-bit editions of Windows 7
    • 64-bit editions of Windows Vista or Windows 7 require the iTunes 64-bit installer
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    Each time I download and run the file my computer restarts and then nothing happens.


    Doublechecking, Kristine. Is this an unexpected restart (with or without a blue screen message)? Or is it more that the update seems to proceed as normal, then the installer asks you to restart to complete the installation, but then after the restart there's no new version of iTunes?


    Or is something different from either of those two sorts of things going on?


    EDIT: Which Windows OS do you have? (XP, Vista or 7?)


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    Hi, thank you for your reply


    I have Windows XP, version 2003, Service Pack 3.


    I tried to download from within iTunes. It asked me if I wanted to download 10.2.2, I said yes.


    The Apple Software Update Screen came up offering to download Safari5, Mobile Me Control Panel and iTunes/Quicktime. I deselected the Safari 5 and Mobile Me options because I don't want them. (maybe this was a mistake?)


    It goes through the downloading and installing screen.


    Then asks me if I want to restart now or later. I select restart now.


    It restarts and nothing happens.


    Any thoughts?

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    many thanks, Kristine.


    It's a bit of a strange one. We'd better doublecheck to see if it's iTunes that is failing to install, or Apple Software Update that is refusing to believe that the latest version is installed.


    In iTunes, go "Help > About iTunes". What version number scrolls up from the bottom for you? (For example, I see: iTunes

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    You will not believe this...after what may be practically the tenth attempt to update, it finally did! I am not sure at all why it wouldn't update before but now it says I am running iTunes and that it is the current version.


    Thank you so much for your help. Now I know I can get some answers here!



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    Excellent news! (I'm a great fan of things magically fixing themselves.)


    Interesting that you've got a there. Apple must have released another tiny "fourth digit" update since I installed my (It can be difficult to tell when that's happened. Typically Apple Software Update won't offer you a "later" fourth-digit-change version if you've got an "earlier" fourth-digit-change version installed on the PC. Usually folks have had to use new versions of the iTunesSetup.exe or iTunes64Setup.exe installer from the website. I wonder what issue the .14 version has fixed?)


    At any rate, I'm glad you've got things properly updated now, Kristine.