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I'd like to do it manually (rather than use a download tool).  Assume its Library > Caches but within that what is safe to delete and what is not?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    How about just booting in Safe Mode.




    Use to be that font cache and extension cache didn't get updated or deleted properly and when needed, but I think that is mostly in the past now.


    A safe boot can be useful.


    Applejack is still one of the tools that has never let me down, can't say the same for others.


    Web browser caches do need to be 'pruned' and sometimes manual is best.


    I think most would ask, "Why do you think you need to?"


    To communicate with MacBook Pro owners, that forum is here:


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    Thanks (and for pointing out I am in the wrong forum - dumb sorry)

    My computer has just been slugging really slow.  Did a safe reboot and that did help.  But have also cleared out my system cache before (back when I was supported by Apple Care) but couldn't remember which files to delete. 

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    Playing around it with it more - the reboot did the trick.

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    I am of the opinion that asking for "system running sluggish and slower" is


    very common

    more helpful

    threads of others on the SL forum - every since 10.6 shipped in Sept 2009

    and your fellow MBP owners might know better


    Low memory, laptops use slower 5400 rpm drives, Safari seems to be a huge culprit on not releasing RAM or limiting the size of its web history and cache that grow too large.


    Reboots, safe boot, even repairing permisisions and reboot, all seem to help. But they should not be needed!


    Always a good idea to have bootable clone (backup) that you can work from, repair your main drive with, and so before you do make changes you have a fall back plan.