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IPad screen half black

iPad, iOS 4.3.1
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    Me too!

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    Me too

    and i just checkout the apple reparation service and they say

    • Step 2 - Service Accidental damage or abuse found - service declined (20-Jun-2011)



    Whats going on? I always use my ipad with care.


    What can i do?

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    This is the worst Apple Service can do to customers. My iPad has as well been used with utmost care and I got the half screen balnk/black, but if the reason given is this I am afraid, especially when I sent a friend to purchase it for me from the US.

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    Me too. It is a band of black and colored lines running vertical in landscape and horizontal in portrait about two inches wide. It's cover over all apps and all the time. Reboot, restore is no help but touch function works fine across the stripes. The screen capture from the iPad1 does not appear the band of black and colored lines. It shows a normal screen. The answer when asked at the Genius Bar is, they never seen this problem before. And the solution that fix the problem may be expensive. But when searching on Google with the keyword "iPad half screen black" it's return 64,800,000 results. Some user comment that the video display hardware on the system board has been damaged. It's possible something has been dislodged or come loose. But, again, why this happened to many many users in the same period? In most cases the iPad never drop. It's happened immediately with no sign of warning. There are no ways to fix it right now. The iPad1 is just 2 years released. Is it too early to replace with the iPad3?photo.JPG

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    I have the same issue did you fixed it?

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    Do nothing. The cost to fix it you can buy the iPad mini. So sad.

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    I fixed mine by replacing the screen at about $200 here in Kampala Uganda. You could download an app called "fix it" for free and if you are tech savvy could strip any of the iPads and fix them yourself.

    Good luck and God bless

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    The free app is actually called "iFixit"


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    I have the exact same problem and I've never dropped or misused the iPad and its only about 3 weeks old it started just a week after I got it and I've no idea what to do

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    Actually mine is an iPad mini

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    I have an Ipad 1 gen bought in 2010. Doing some research I think there is a connection between date bought and the screens. Thick striped, black white or colored but Apple are refusing to acknowledge. If I can get enough people I will take this further if I can! Please join me on Facebook @Apple Ipad screen issues Thanks!